The Land of “Yes!”

By Katherine Eitel Belt


Jealousy doesn’t even begin to describe it. I so wish I would have thought of “The Land of Yes!” as the name for a company, blog, or even my personal homestead but alas our friend’s brilliant daughter laid claim to it first for her farm-to-fork catering company. I simply adore how it sounds rolling off my tongue and all the possibilities that the name conjures in my mind. Darn it.

Anyway, today’s message is about the idea of living in and speaking from “The Land of Yes!” which is the parent idea for the concept of “both/and” vs. “either/or” in our leadership thinking. It showed up big time in my life lately. Let me explain…

Some people do their best thinking and get their brightest ideas in the shower, weeding their gardens, or floating in the pool. Mine come doing cardio… Just something about getting the blood flowing and the cobwebs cleaned out for me, I guess. Last week, I was on the treadmill with my “Flow” playlist cranked way up enjoying the usual flood of creative ideas and pleasing thoughts. I could almost smell the paella on the trip to Spain that Tom and I were planning. I could feel the sand under my feet on our business trip to Hawaii next month. But a nagging little image kept creeping into my pleasant travel planning. It was the haunting picture I’d seen on the news recently of an entire village in Africa who were literally starving to death due to famine and war.

Finally, acknowledging the attention the insistent image was demanding in my consciousness, I began to feel much less enthusiastic about my trips and the amount of money I would likely be spending on them. I felt guilty for not taking that money and doing some real good with it. I had a choice. I could take the trips and spend the money selfishly on myself or I could choose to donate the money or take some of it to the source and lend a helping hand myself. One or the other. Either / Or.

And then I remembered. I live in “The Land of Yes!” where decisions are made from the “Both / And” paradigm. What if I could do both… take the vacations and donate or volunteer? All it would take would be one or two more clients. It would mean I’d just have to work a little harder to get both accomplished.

But wait… I live in “The Land of Yes!” What if I didn’t have to work any harder? What if I found a way to work smarter so that the extra income didn’t come from me traveling and speaking more. What if I could have both more income and less hours on the road. If I stayed on the treadmill, I’d probably get that one good idea or inspiration to make that happen (not to mention lose a couple more pounds.)

Hang on… I live in “The Land of Yes!” and what if I didn’t have to come up with any new ideas but instead make a quick phone call to pick the brain of my business coach who has already paved that road ahead of me? I could have both passive income and an immediate way to get it done.

Living in “The Land of Yes!” became so fun I almost burned up the treadmill that morning. Almost. At any rate, it made for great MMS material and a great reminder to me that this is what it truly feels like to live in possibility where our work and our dreams do not have to be hard. Where the lines blur between the fun you have at work and the fun you have period. It’s all just a creation of our intentions and a game we are making up as we go along.

This week, have some fun playing full out in “The Land of Yes!” seeing just how far you can take the “Both / And” paradigm as you intentionally create the business, career, and life that others just dream about.




Using creative, non-traditional methods, Katherine Eitel Belt helps professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results. Her presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness.


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