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Shelley Renee

From Rough to Radiant: Design Your Practice to Shine!

The practice is the dentist’s most precious resource. Similarly, the gem cutter’s greatest asset is the uncut diamond, which when polished reveals exponentially increased value. It is the act of cutting and polishing – the human touch – that releases the internal fire and creates brilliance. Every practice is a gem that when shaped and polished reflects increased value.

Today’s practice owner faces challenges in unifying the dental team, elevating communications and increasing profitability. Shelley Renee’s presentations clarify the strategies and systems that maximize the team approach, where each team member thinks and communicates as a leader. Organizing teams, implementing systems, and achieving goals are part of the overall solutions she provides for creating peaceful, productive and profitable teams.

Why choose Shelley?
  • With over 30 years’ experience in managing dental practices, the knowledge and skills gained through hands-on experience have shaped her current success as a practice management speaker and consultant.
  • Program advisor for Care Credit.
  • Certified by Bent Ericksen as an HR employment compliance consultant.
  • Graduate of The Consulting U, a highly respected masters training program for dental practice management consultants.


David Black dental speaking
Shelley Renee dental speaking