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  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Embezzlement / Fraud
  • Frontline Skills
  • Leadership
  • OSHA
  • Practice Management
  • Team Building

Sandy Baird, MBA

Are you ready for your practice to thrive? Not just survive?

Dental practices that systemize around: exceeding patient expectations, creating self-managed teams, and exhibiting excellent communication skills create competitive advantages such as uniqueness, adaptability, and resistance.

With a Masters in Business Administration, over 35 years of hands-on dental management experience (and marriage to a dentist!), Sandy Baird has walked in your meeting attendee’s shoes. Let Sandy take your attendees to their next level of success through her presentations focused on systemization, leadership, embezzlement and more.

Choose from Sandy’s most requested course offerings below. Mix and match to create your customized single or multisegment breakout or full day session.

Why choose Sandy?
  • Sandy brings the wisdom of one with a Masters in Business Administration and 35+ years of hands-on dental management experience to her presentations.
  • She understands how efficient, effective businesses organize and operate.
  • Her presentations focus on building a turn-key dental practice managed by proven business systems.
  • Sandy is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences through seminars, workshops, and training sessions.


sandy baird, dental speaker
sandy baird, dental speaker