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  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Practice Management
  • Team Building

Samantha Jones

With a robust culture and the essential systems and tools in place, you CAN reach your practice and professional goals.

Samantha Jones began her dental career at the age of 16. Her passion for communication and relationship building blossomed with both patients and co-workers. Sam became a dental practice manager in her 20’s, developing administrative strategies to grow both the practice and the people within it.

Sam co-founded Compass Dental Practice Solutions, offering dental professionals the same support, knowledge and strategies that founded her own success. In addition to Compass, Sam serves as Chief Operations Officer for a small dental group, where she works daily in the practices. This enables her to continue to develop the administrative and clinical systems and solutions that are being utilized in hundreds of practices across the country. She understands that working in the practice provides invaluable experience and insight into the daily challenges dental teams face today.

Is poor communication leading to low morale, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities?

Conversations shape our relationships and practice culture, and they can build a framework for trust. Learn what you need to know and what you need to do to generate a culture of high performers, enhance the patient experience, and boost both practice profitability and personal joy.

In this course you will discover the systems and strategies that high-performing dental practices utilize to level up. Learn how establishing a strong restorative partnership between dentist and team also strengthens communication and teamwork. Realize the benefits of the internal study club meeting – where your dental team becomes its own study club – to educate and ensure every team member understands why you do what you do and how you communicate between your team and patients. Determine how to generate high-functioning huddles and team meetings. Sharpen your telephone skills with strategies that build rapport, prevent cancellation, and boost the schedule. Refine verbal skills for building and maintaining relationships with patients and referring dental professionals. Explore strategies for unifying and strengthening your team, including a step-by-step method for hiring perfect fit team members.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the game-changing power of restorative partnerships in your practice
  • Examine the purpose and structure of the internal study club meeting
  • Learn strategies for efficient, effective huddles and team meetings
  • Identify critical reports, how often they should be run, and how to apply the data
  • Develop enhanced telephone skills including follow-up protocols that add treatment to the schedule
  • Explore insurance, billing, and collection strategies which generate a manageable accounts receivable
  • Discover an “Express Handoff” and strategies to steer patients into appointments
  • Learn a simple method for collecting essential online practice reviews
  • Receive checklists and templates for organization and predictability of practice management tasks.
  • Detail the steps to find, hire and onboard new team members
  • Cultivate a culture of positive transformation, self-directed leadership and enhanced conversational impact

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: All Dental Professionals

Why choose Samantha?
  • Samantha is known as an influencer and leader of thought in the area of intentional communication, practice financials and metrics, scheduling, systems and protocols, practice operations, treatment presentation and team development.

  • She is an expert advisor with Accelerate Dental, and a member of the Dental Speaker Institute, Dental Speakers Bureau and Dental Entrepreneur Women’s Network.

  • Sam understands the business of dentistry. She understands that working in the practice provides invaluable experience and insight into the daily challenges dental teams face today.


samantha jones, dental speaker