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Ryan Vet

From first-class experiences, no matter your seat, on a Delta flight to five-star service in a fast food establishment at Chick-fil-A, we are all motivated by our experiences. They cause us to become repeat customers, leave raving reviews and tell our friends. Ryan Vet utilizes his background as a serial entrepreneur and marketing consultant to help audiences maximize patient experiences within their dental practice.

With the ever-growing competition in the dental industry, creating experiences worth sharing is critical to your success. Further, understanding generational differences and how that can impact your marketing efforts as well as your team management can set you apart from the rest. In his talks, Ryan draws on his experiences as a seasoned marketing consultant that has worked with brands ranging from start-ups to internationally recognized Fortune 500s.


How to Simply Boost Patient Experience and Maximize Practice Growth

The landscape in dentistry is drastically changing. It is more important than ever to stand out to your patients and create an experience worth sharing. In this course, attendees will explore ways to boost patient satisfaction with simple, easy-to-apply customer service and marketing strategies. Additionally, attendees will explore effective communication and time management techniques for optimal patient satisfaction. With these tools, you will discover exciting ways to radically grow your patient base without breaking the bank.

Learning Objectives

  • Create, implement and measure effectiveness of patient experience initiatives.
  • Design, deploy and measure impact of cost-effective marketing campaigns.
  • Use positive patient experience to ultimately grow your practice.

Suggested Format: Full, Partial Day; Lecture
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team


Why Your Practice Will Fail if You Fail to Embrace the Millennial Generation

The largest generational cohort of all time to descend upon the USA is the Millennial generation. Often accused of extreme laziness, utterly entitled and living at home until age 35, the Millennials are so often misunderstood. Reality check: Millennials are your rising patient population, the talent pool for your team and who knows, the next POTUS. In this conversation, we will explore the truths and lies about Millennials and how you can set your dental practice up for ultimate success despite the mysteries surrounding Millennials.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to message to the Millennial generation to increase case acceptance and promote overall oral health
  • Gain practical insights into creating a practice that successfully connects with Millennials in promoting ideal oral hygiene
  • Manage and market to your feature team and patients

Suggested Format: Full, Partial Day; Lecture
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Why Local Anesthetic is the Cornerstone of Patient Experience and Practice Efficiency


For decades, local anesthetic has crippled the dental industry. Patients fear “the needle” and forego necessary treatment while practitioners dread the unreliability and uncertainty of the shot and its potential to wreak havoc on their schedule. In this study club session, we will explore the benefits of utilizing buffered anesthetic in your practice as well as how to leverage its benefits to positively impact practice marketing and patient experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history of local anesthetic and the science of buffering
  • Learn how to message buffered local anesthetic to your current patient population
  • Utilize tools to maximize practice growth, scheduling efficiencies, customer service and patient marketing

Suggested Format: Full, Partial Day; Lecture
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Ryan Vet is a serial entrepreneur and sought after business consultant. As a result of his wife, Jessica, being a dentist as well as his time as VP Marketing at Anutra Medical, Ryan has brought his skills and experiences to the dental industry to consult for dental practices nationwide.

Ryan has shared his experiences, both personally and professionally, to audiences around the globe. From leadership to entrepreneurship, Ryan motivates his audiences to live their lives to inspire positive change. He is now bringing those experiences to dental.

Having consulted for brands including Warner Brothers, Samsung and Bing to working with start-ups and new companies, Ryan is brining his business acumen and consulting to the dental space to help practitioners grow their practice in an increasingly competitive dental market.

Why choose Ryan Vet?
  • From leadership to entrepreneurship, Ryan motivates his audiences to live their lives to inspire positive change.
  • Ryan has provided business growth and marketing consulting services for companies of all sizes ranging from the solopreneur to internationally recognized Fortune 500s such as Bing, Samsung and Warner Brothers





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