Reese Harper Dental Speaker
Reese Harper Dental Speaker

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Reese Harper

Dentistry’s Financial Thought Leader

Reese Harper is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a passion for delivering objective and personalized advice based on full picture view of an individual’s overall financial health. His expertise includes portfolio construction, investment management, tax strategy, risk management, and retirement planning. His proprietary planning methodology called Elements® is used by dentists all over the country to get organized and track financial progress. Reese is a regular contributor to dental publications and a speaker at events nationwide. In addition to a CFP®, Reese holds CLU® and CHFC® designations from the American College of Financial Services and a Masters in Finance from the University of Utah.

Why choose Reese?
  • Reese Harper is the founder and CEO of, a registered investment advisory firm which focuses exclusively on dentists and specialists.
  • Reese is the host of the Dentist Money™ Show, a weekly podcast which helps thousands of dentists make smart financial decisions.
  • His proprietary planning methodology called Elements® is used by dentists across the country to track their progress toward financial  independence.
  • Of Reese’s many passions, perhaps his greatest is for teaching. He quickly sees the potential in others and invests himself heavily in their development. As such, he is a trusted educator, business leader, and advisor in the financial community.


Reese Harper, dental speakerReese Harper, dental speaker