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Penny Reed

Nationally renowned speaker, author, and dental coach, Penny Reed, makes a positive impact with her witty, up-tempo and powerful presentations. Her ability to educate, inspire and excite in a fun learning environment is why she is a highly, sought-after dental educator.

Penny is passionate about working with dentists and their teams to grow their practices. Her 23+ years of experience, insight and proven systems in the dental industry will strike a chord with attendees. Confidence will be developed, bringing power back to offices and implementing strategies for a successful, upbeat and profitable practice.

Attendees will be raving about Penny’s programs for years to come. Whether your audience is comprised of dentists, their team members or both – Penny has a program perfectly designed for your association or group.


What is culture? Think of it as the “personality” of your practice. It’s less about “what” you do and more about how you interact with your team, your patients, and also how you get things done. While systems are important, the culture of your practice is what drives consistency, harmony and peak performance. This program will give you measurable ways you and your team can improve and sustain your practice culture in order to thrive in today’s changing dental economy.

  • Establish an environment that gets your team on board
  • Discover the one skill that every dentist and team leader must have to effectively support their team through change
  • Discover the Five Drivers that determine the growth of your practice
  • Identify the characteristics you and your team must have for continued growth and results

There is no shortage of information, technology, articles or experts available today to assist you in growing your practice. Yet knowing what to do is only part of the equation. Practice management, without a clearly defined culture and high level of coaching… is dead. Practices must have a culture of “getting things done” to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and getting it done. This program teaches and empowers dentists and team leaders to develop the adaptability and skill level of the team to drive consistent results.

  • Establish an environment that gets your team on board
  • Discover the one skill that every dentist and team leader must have to effectively support their team through change
  • Learn the 7 Step Blueprint for enhancing your team member’s performance
  • Discover the Five Drivers that determine the growth of your practice
  • Identify the characteristics you and your team must have for continued growth and results
  • Understand why some practices fail to thrive even when they’ve been working with a consultant


Numbers and metrics and goals, Oh My! Master the numbers and stats in your office to grow your practice and avoid the flying monkeys.

Learn how to stay on the yellow brick road by utilizing the numbers in your practice for forecasting and decision-making. Penny makes the numbers make sense in this highly informative and entertaining session. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Discover the numbers you should be tracking to make the best decisions
  • Identify your OZ, what to look for in your practice
  • Learn how often to measure your statistics
  • Identify flying monkeys and how to stay ahead of potential downturns in your productivity and profitability

What would happen if your practice increased it’s revenues by 25% without a significant increase in overhead? It’s possible! In this session, learn the magic formula to take your practice to the next level. Whether you are new in practice, a seasoned dental practice owner, or team member, you will learn proven strategies to grow your practice.

  • Identify the critical trends in the business of dentistry and how they directly impact your practice and your position
  • Discover how to apply the Five Part Magic Formula for Practice Growth
  • Identify one of the most underutilized tools in every practice that prevents thousands of dollars walking out the door every day
  • Learn how to decrease broken and cancelled appointments and other practice time drains


Most dental businesses have another practice within their practice when you consider the amount of unscheduled treatment that walks out the door each day. Thousands of advertising dollars, chair hours, and payroll dollars are invested in attracting patients to the practice and evaluating them for treatment. Case acceptance will make or break your profitability and your confidence level. Everyone on the team who plays a role in treatment planning and presentation must attend this game-changing session.

  • Learn how to be more like Disney in your approach to engaging the patient and inspiring them to want their ideal treatment
  • Discover the case killers that most practices are currently doing that confuse and turn off the patient
  • Identify the most powerful strategies, questions, and phrases you must implement to have your patients schedule today
  • Simplify the financial agreement process to make it easier for patients to say yes

Many of your dental advertising dollars are a complete waste of money with little or no return on investment. In most practices 70 to 80% of patients come from existing patient referrals. This session will change the way you market your practice forever.

  • Learn how to boost your image and your practice
  • Discover the most effective ways to excite, energize, and engage your team in promoting your practice
  • Identify what you must start doing now to have your marketing messages heard above the dental advertising clutter in the marketplace


Penny Reed is a dental practice speaker, coach, and author of the book Growing Your Dental Business. She coaches dentists and their teams to raise the bar on their performance and create an office culture where the entire team looks forward to coming to work every day. As a result of her work, participants and clients share that their team is more energized, more productive, and takes more ownership of their roles and responsibilities in achieving results. She is passionate about helping practices grow, and her book, Growing Your Dental Business, is available on

Penny began her career in dental office management in 1992. She discovered a passion for helping others grow their practices and has been coaching dentists and their teams since 1994. She has been named a Leader in Dental Consulting by Dentistry Today, from 2007 to 2017. She is a member of the Speaking Consulting Network, National Speakers’ Association, and the American Association of Dental Office Managers. Penny is also the past president of the Tennessee Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association. In addition, she is the creator and host of the podcast, Growing Your Dental Business, on iTunes.

  • AADOM Chicago Chapter, Chicago, IL
  • TN District 2 Meeting, Knoxville, TN
  • Tunica Extravaganza, Tunica, MS
  • UT Slagle Dental Meeting, Memphis, TN
“Penny Reed spoke to our office managers and did a phenomenal job! She was engaging and taught them how to improve the marketing efforts of their practices. We would definitely recommend Penny as a speaker.”

– Atlanta’s Dental Office Managers Association (DOMA)

“If you want practical, proven methods to improve the dental practice, Penny Reed is a great choice. Members responded well to her friendly style and informative presentation.”

– Drew Ramey, Assistant Executive Director, Arkansas Dental Association

“After hearing Penny Reed present to our study club, I could tell that she was extraordinarily knowledgeable and passionate about dental practice management and the business of dentistry. She is very engaging with her audience and excellent at sharing her ideas and experience.”

– Chip Trammell, DDS, MDS, FMY Orthodontics, Henderson, TN

“While in dental school, did you get a business degree? Penny’s no nonsense, tactical, easy to implement strategies provide the road map for your practice to flourish. Growing your Dental Business is a must read!”

– Bete Johnson, Vice President CareCredit

“Running a thriving dental practice can be daunting and we as dentists really know very little about the “Business of Dentistry”. When I need a “Go To” person for answers, Penny is the one that always pops into my head!“

– Dr. Kevin Rowan, General Dentist, New Albany, MS

“Penny is smart, engaging, and very insightful regarding every aspect of managing a dental practice. She clearly understands how to coach practices to blend the care of delivering great dentistry with truly high quality customer service. Her presentation was excellent and drew a larger than usual crowd for our study club. After listening to her presentation, I understood why that was the case. I would highly recommend her services.“

– Eric Buchner, DMD, Jackson, TN

Why choose Penny Reed?
  • Penny Reed is a nationally renowned dental practice management coach, speaker and author. She works with dentists who want to grow their practices, become more profitable and have a better quality of life.
  • Penny has received the Leaders in Dental Consulting designation from Dentistry Today every year from 2007 to 2018.
  • Penny’s unique combination of management experience, success as a dental practice consultant, and business administration education make her one of the most effective dental practice coaches and speakers in North America.
  • Approved AGD PACE Program Provider.





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