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Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

Patti believes dentistry is no longer just about fixing teeth; dentistry is oral medicine. Her work helps dental professionals embrace the opportunities and understand the metrics that accurate insurance coding provides. This increases practice profitability while improving the oral-systemic health of the patients we serve.

Her efforts have assisted thousands of professionals to code more accurately and efficiently. In fact, the American Dental Association recognized her expertise by inviting her to write a chapter in its CDT 2017 Companion book and again for CDT 2018 Companion. Patti holds publishing and speaking licenses with ADA for Current Dental Terminology©2017 and a license for SNODENT©2017 diagnostic coding.

She demystifies coding with workshops and little books of easily digestible stories about patients like we see every day. ROMA Manual on Dentistry A Lighthearted yet Deadly Serious Look at our Profession is the 7th book in her DentalCodeology series is of easy-to-read bite-size books.

Learn more about Patti’s presentations below.

For half a century, the Star Trek franchise has been winning new fans and inspiring real-world innovators. Many of the technological advances predicted in Star Trek’s fictional universe have become reality, such as the medical tricorder and we are getting closer to teleportation – Beam me up Scotty. We are? Yes, it’s called Teledentistry. Teledentistry lets you see patients and advise them on the care they need, regardless of their location and without leaving your office. Plus, patients who are seen via teledentistry are more likely to come in for treatment. Two new CDT 2018 codes will help us keep track of our success. It’s time for dentistry to go boldly forward and prosper.

Learning Objectives

  • Attract new patients without taking up chair time or resources
  • Increase revenue streams for dentists and hygienists
  • Provide profitable, convenient outreach to your community
  • Convert teledentistry evaluations into in-office treatment
  • Offer convenient, no-transport oral evaluations
  • Convert efficient screenings into productive appointments
  • Improve claim support and documentation
  • Benefit from increasing teledentistry reimbursement

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture — Up to 4 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Your patient presents with inflamed, hemorrhagic gingiva, light to moderate subgingival calculus, and generalized pseudo-pocketing. There was no code to accurately define the care needed to treat these patients. The D4346 code finally assists in clearly identifying and treating gingivitis after decades of merely dumping gingival inflammation into the same category as health. We have been providing the care anyway, and this code provides a reason for patients to return to your practice, improve their health and boost your bottom line. This code isn’t just a number; it’s a game changer for dentists, hygienists, business professionals and every staff member. This code can boost the bottom line of the practice when we take the time to examine an update our systems.

Course based on DentalCodeology: A Gingivitis Code Finally!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 8 major focus points to grasp to correctly implement the D4346 code
  • Protect against fraud being committed even by accident
  • Guard against misuse of this new gingivitis code and not miss the disease present
  • Create simple and effective “Twitter-Style” dental-medical necessity narratives

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture — Up to 4 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

CDT 2018 marks the first time teledentistry codes have been added to the CDT code set. With the click of a button, information can be sent at high speeds over many miles, increasing both efficiency of, and access to care AND new profit center for the practice. Another new code reflects the increasing role dentists play beyond a patient’s oral care in overall systemic health. In-office measure of hemoglobin A1C, a blood test that provides information about a person’s average circulating blood sugar levels in the previous 3 months and has a code in 2018. These are two of many codes that have been added, revised and deleted. Many practices miss the opportunities accurate coding can provide. This interactive workshop explores how coding changes the role dental professionals play beyond a patient’s oral care to improve overall systemic health AND increases the practice bottom line.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify recent new and revised CDT codes for CAMBRA, teledentistry, A1C testing and more
  • Map-out the changes new codes bring for each team member including the dentist
  • Increase coding accuracy and practice profitability
  • Know the steps of determining medical-dental necessity to optimize dental benefits and medical-dental cross-coding

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture — Up to 4 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Saliva is one of the body’s most effective means for protecting the tooth enamel against acid. It is important to have adequate saliva to be a pH buffer. When plaque pH drops below 5.5, tooth decay can occur. Studies indicate that saliva may be useful for detecting heart disease, acid reflux, diabetes and other conditions. It’s time to shift dentistry focus from finding the cavity to treating the caries disease process. The good news is this can bring new profit to your practice. When patients can see, understand and own the disease process that has been invisible in the past; watching and waiting for breakdown makes no sense. This hands-on, interactive course focuses on three minimally invasive levels of prevention and early treatment using up-to-date technologies and systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify 3 minimally invasive levels of new prevention
  • Incorporate risk assessment routinely into practice
  • Translate evidence based science into language patients can understand
  • Create decision tress to determine productive individualized diagnosis and treatment strategies
  • Optimize dental benefit coding with simple documentation support

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture — Up to 4 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Every day starting in 2011, ten-thousand (10,000) people turn age 65 daily and will continue for many more years! This unprecedented phenomenon is termed The Silver Tsunami. Medical advances have enabled people to live longer and healthier lives, dental advances have resulted in the preservation of healthy dentition in these later years. You already know that many oral symptoms can be a key indicator of a more serious health condition. This fact has particularly serious implications for Baby Boomers, many of whom cease their routine oral care visits with retirement. Reasons include a loss of dental benefits at retirement and a failure to recognize the value that maintaining oral health has for one’s overall health, well-being, and longevity. Dental professionals can prepare themselves to meet these demands with a thorough knowledge of the needs and treatments specific to this demographic.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe lifespan vs. health-span
  • Merge the latest oral-systemic information into treatment decisions
  • Manage age-related disorders and physiological changes associated with periodontal disease, caries and oral cancer
  • Know how to correctly and satisfactorily answer the question “Will Medicare cover it?“
  • 5 Simple Action Steps to make it work

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture — Up to 4 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Patti DiGangi believes dentistry is no longer just about fixing teeth. Dentistry IS oral medicine. She works with dental professionals to demystify coding through her workshops, webinars, and keynote speeches.

Patti also shares her insights and expertise through her DentalCodeology series of books, which are dedicated to helping dentistry provide more efficient, cost-effective, evidence-based, value-based clinical care.

As a result of Patti’s work, dental professionals are coding more accurately, increasing practice profitability, and improving the oral-systemic health of their patients.


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Patti speaks 50-60 times each year. Below is a sampling of her 2017 presentations:

Advanced Presenters Co-Operative
American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session (multiple)
Arizona Dental Association Western Regional Dental Convention
California Dental Association
Chesapeake Health Education Program
Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting
College of Dupage
Dental Insurance Navigator. Webinar.
Dr. Mary Cain
Edwin R. Schoenenberger DDS
Inspired Hygiene. Webinar.
Ladone Dental
Libertyville Dental
Marion County Dental Hygiene Study Club
Middlesex Dental Hygienists’ Association
Mississippi Dental Hygienists’ Assocation
Nebraska Dental Hygienists’ Association
Oklahoma Dental Association
OraVital. Webinar
Peak Seminars
Primal Air
Roselle Dental
Southern IL University. Webinar
Webinar Phocal Ambassadors

Why choose Patti?
  • American Dental Association has recognized Patti’s expertise by inviting her to write a chapter in its CDT 2017 Companion book and again for CDT 2018 Companion.
  • Patti helps dental professionals embrace the opportunities and understand the metrics that accurate insurance coding provides: increasing practice profitability while improving the oralsystemic health of the patients we serve.
  • She demystifies coding with workshops and a series of little books (written by Patti) of easily digestible stories about patients like we see every day.





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