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Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH

The demand for periodontal and implant treatments are continuing to increase. To retain patients, practices will need to keep pace with the standard of care in diagnosing and treating periodontal and peri-implant diseases.  From staying on-top of the latest non-surgical technologies, to educating and motivating the team on treatment options, there are numerous ways to provide excellent in-house treatments for this growing population.

Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH, is highly regarded within the industry for her knowledge of periodontal and peri-implant classifications, treatment plans and non-surgical treatment solutions. Nicole provides dental professionals with the motivation, skills and knowledge necessary to deliver exceptional care for the growing periodontal population. From identifying periodontal patient needs early on, to building practice treatment capacity through non-surgical treatment options, attendees will leave Nicole’s courses with an enhanced understanding of modern periodontal/peri-implant dentistry.

As our elderly population expands, dental professionals will continue to see more periodontal patients and patients with complex dentition, including dental implants.

Guidelines for periodontal classification and treatment recommendations continue to evolve. How is the dental professional to stay abreast of the continual changes?

Discover the road map to success! Keep more patients in-house by offering services that treat various stages of periodontal and peri-implant diseases. Learn how to recognize where each patient lies within the periodontal classifications, what treatment will best suit that patient and how to present that information to ensure the patient s successfully treated.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore current periodontal classifications, including classification of peri-implant disease.
  • Gain guidelines for designing treatment plans and the process of hygiene care for both the natural dentition and dental implants.
  • Discover maintenance protocols and current research for ailing dental implants.
  • Analyze the psychology of patient fear and the impact on treatment acceptance.
  • Pinpoint case presentation techniques which help the patient embrace recommended treatment.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the periodontal protocols, including how to identify and address individual patient needs.

Suggested Format: Up to 6 hours; Lecture, Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentists and Hygienists

New and emerging technologies and best practices for treating patients with moderate to advanced periodontal and peri-implant diseases are literally opening our eyes to the calculus and biofilm we previously had to remove blindly.

Periodontal endoscopy offers dentists and patients non-surgical, predictable treatment solutions. The periodontal endoscope offers direct visual access to the root surface within the periodontal pocket without a surgical flap.

This course demonstrates the role of periodontal endoscopy and its benefits. Participants will analyze the processes and results of traditional pocket reduction surgery compared to non-surgical endoscope treatment. We will explore advanced diagnostics via magnified sub-gingival visualization which allows clinicians to identify periodontal and peri-implant etiologies and potential complications with healing. Explore adjunctive therapies – such as lasers and enamel matrix protein – that create an ideal environment for gingival attachment and in some cases, bone regeneration.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why periodontal endoscopy is the standard of care for treatment of moderate to advanced periodontal and peri-implant diseases.
  • Recognize the conditions under which periodontal endoscopy is ideally utilized and when regenerative surgery is indicated.
  • Discuss the use of treatment aids (such as lasers) to enhance clinical results.
  • Analyze the use of the periodontal endoscope as a diagnostic tool.
  • Discover methods for increasing production by retaining more periodontal cases in-house.

Suggested Format: Up to 2 hours; Lecture, Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentists and Hygienists

Lasers have been used in dental practices for years, however formal education for hygienists has been limited. Because of this, many hygienists are hesitant to utilize dental lasers. We’re missing opportunities to provide our patients with improved outcomes and a higher level of care.

In this content-rich, engaging presentation, Nicole Fortune, RDH shares an overview of laser physics, clinical updates/research, and common applications.

Participants will differentiate which laser-assisted procedures can improve patient treatment outcomes. Learn when to recommend and utilize those procedures through case studies and analysis of visuals. Recognize the controversy regarding the utilization of lasers near dental implants and learn when/how to reduce the potential risk. Review standard safety measures for keeping your practice within the guidelines of regulatory body requirements. Gain greater confidence and offer advanced treatment options while improving patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the characteristics and applications of common laser wavelengths.
  • Examine treatment and periodontal therapy protocols.
  • Define the role of lasers in DNA/RNA/collagen synthesis and wound healing.
  • Identify why and how dental lasers can be safely used around dental implants.
  • Discover how licensing regulations impact the hygienist’s scope of laser practice.
  • Gain tools for patient scheduling, financial and insurance considerations.

Suggested Format: 1-4 hours; Lecture, Workshop
Suggested Audience: Hygienists

Nicole Fortune, MBA, RDH is a highly regarded dental hygienist and professional speaker who has gained industry-wide recognition for her advanced knowledge of periodontics and peri-implantitis. As a dental hygienist in a busy Vermont periodontal office, Nicole continuously enhances her knowledge in nonsurgical and preventative care. In order to stay abreast of the latest periodontal technologies, Nicole continues to advance her education and holds certification in CO2, Diode and ND:Yag laser certification. She is also one of few hygienists to be certified in periodontal endoscopy. Nicole’s dedication to patient care excellence, industry knowledge, and technological acumen earned her the title of Vermont’s Dental Hygienist of the Year for 2017. Nicole earned her hygiene degree and her BA from the University of Vermont. She also holds a MBA from Champlain College.


  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy for Oral Systemic Health
  • Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries
  • Institute for Dental Implant Awareness
  • Patient Treatment Coordinator Association
  • Vermont Dental Hygienist Association
  • Dental Speaker Institute
  • Dental Speakers Bureau
  • Champlain Periodontal Dental Hygiene Study Club (multiple)
  • Community College of Vermont
  • FacialArt Forum
  • Institute for Dental Implant Awareness
  • National Osteology Symposium
  • Pasadena Dental Hygiene Study Club
  • University of Michigan Ramjford Symposium
  • University of Vermont Diabetes Research Center
  • Vermont Dental Hygiene Association (multiple)
  • Vermont State Dental Society
  • Vermont Technical College School of Dental Hygiene
  • Zaidi Orthodontics Dental Hygiene Study Club
“Nicole Fortune is an energetic and dynamic speaker who shares her clinical expertise in a practical and applicable way. What sets Nicole apart is that she is a practicing clinician presenting her knowledge from her hands-on experience coupled with the evidence-based science to back her approach. I’ve learned so much in her course and she has empowered me to take the steps forward to implement her techniques as my new standard of care.”

– Melissa A. Obrotka RDH, BBAImplant Care Practitioner, Co-Founder, RDH Innovations, LLC; Co-Founder, Dental Implants Uncovered

“I have had the privilege of attending Nicole Fortune’s presentations. Her lectures are easy to understand and contain the most recent information and research. She has brilliant visuals that add to her topic. She speaks with knowledge and confidence. Nicole hasthe ability to draw out thoughts and questions that are pertinent to the information she is delivering. Nicole is well prepared when she speaks. I always enjoy and look forward to hearing Nicole speak.”

– Frances Tryon RDH, BS, Director of Training, OraVu

“Nicole Fortune is a master clinician and remarkable speaker. Her presentations reflect her extensive knowledge and skillful practice. I highly recommend that you attend a program by Nicole or bring her as a presenter at your course/symposium. I’ve attended many of her presentations, follow her publications, have presented with her and completed my endoscopy training under her. She is a delight to learn from and a pleasure to know!”

– Shavonne R. Healy, MSDH, RDH, ICP

“The depth and breadth of Nicole’s knowledge of the literature gives one absolute confidence that her content is firmly evidence-based. She is an engaging speaker and active clinician. It is her current clinical experience that adds significant impact to her presentations, making them both relevant and applicable to your own practice.”

Danielle Furgeson, RDH, MS, DHSc, Director, Graduate Dental Hygiene Program, University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Why choose Nicole Fortune?
  • Nicole was the first dental professional in Vermont who is certified in periodontal endoscopy.
  • Nicole is a recognized expert in training dental hygienists in areas of periodontics, including peri-implantitis.
  • Nicole holds many certifications including CO2, Diode and laser certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry.
  • Nicole delivers hands-on laser certification courses to dental hygienists around the country.





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Nicole Fortune, Dental SpeakerNicole Fortune, Dental Speaker