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Minal Sampat, RDH, BA

Minal delivers presentations and workshops to help dental practices get results from their marketing.

These events combine emotional engagement, empowerment, and experience so that attendees leave:

  • Excited about the marketing opportunities available to them
  • Knowledgeable with ideas and tools to accomplish their marketing goals
  • Confident with a clear plan for the next steps to get their marketing on track

In this interactive, hands-on session, attendees will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create and execute a marketing plan for their practice by harnessing the skills and interest of their practice’s front-facing team members. A focus on patient-centered marketing takes advantage of the number one sales force: current customers. Templates for social media, budgeting, and staff training are included in this specialized session to create an actionable marketing plan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain resources to create a custom marketing plan.
  • Be empowered to actively engage in marketing.
  • Receive templates for social media, budgeting, and training other staff.
  • Receive specialized training, not just motivation, to be a part of a marketing team.

Suggested Format: Workshop, Lecture – 1.5 to 6 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Web presence is no longer an option in the Information Age, when anyone can conduct a web search with a tap of their phone screen. In this session, attendees learn what information about their business belongs online and how to get it there, as well as how to create and manage their presence on customer review sites, where potential new patients often do their research. Lastly, audience members will learn how to identify what makes their practice unique, and how to translate that into social media marketing campaigns.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify what makes their practice unique, and how to market it.
  • Understand the power of social media in today’s marketing atmosphere.
  • Understand the first steps necessary to get started with a social media campaign.
  • Learn how to get and manage reviews.
  • Be able to create and manage accounts on review sites.
  • Learn of free tools to optimize and customize their web presence.

Suggested Format:
Workshop, Lecture – 1.5 to 4 hours
Suggested Audience:
Dentist and Team Members

For audiences who may just be starting or may be further down the road on their marketing path, this presentation offers an opportunity to strategize, reflect, evaluate, and grow. Why should a patient choose to come to your practice, and which marketing strategies work best on what medium? How can attendees optimize proven techniques in their practice, and create systems to track marketing spending and outcomes? These questions and more will be answered in a presentation designed to help attendees identify their audience, learn where to find them in today’s multi-media environment, and convert marketing campaigns into new patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to leverage your WOW factor.
  • Begin to formulate a business specific unique marketing plan.
  • Understand your ideal new patient audience.
  • Learn which platforms are best for which audiences today.
  • Understand how to best use invest the marketing dollars for maximum ROI.

Suggested Format:
Workshop, Lecture – 1 to 3 hours
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team Members

Marketing takes effort; see that effort produce results! Minal Sampat delivers presentations that leave attendees excited about marketing opportunities, knowledgeable about current tools and trends, and confident, with a clear plan of the next steps to take to get their marketing on track.

Covering topics such as conversion, team training, social media, and using your patients as a sales force, Minal speaks from her experience as a practicing dental professional, experienced marketer, and owner of a dental marketing consultancy company. Her numerous presentations, workshops, guest podcast appearances have demonstrated her unique ability to engage with the audience, small or large.

Highly praised by numerous dental organizations and recognized by various dental publications, Minal is also the proud holder of a Guinness World Record for the Swish Away Breast Cancer event which launched her business. Minal reliably provides enthusiastic delivery and elicits audience response in all her presentations.

Known for her engaging style and interactive approach, Minal Sampat, RDH offers informative sessions on the ever-evolving science of marketing. Sessions range from keynotes, hourly presentations and 4-6 hours workshops.

Inspire innovative thinking.
With her unique background and diverse experiences in both the dental and marketing fields, Minal understands the value of thinking outside the box. Through the sharing of actual success stories and the practices which led to them, attendees become inspired with ideas for creatively approaching marketing in their own practices. By setting a tone that welcomes audience participation, the excited exchange of information and ideas happens naturally.

Provide tools for success.
Once an audience is inspired, it is important to give them everything they need to get started with laying their own groundwork. This is where Minal’s extensive experience comes to play. With up-to-date information on best practices in today’s marketing atmosphere, and knowledge of the many avenues and options available to business owners, sessions become educational experiences bursting with opportunity to take advantage of fresh information.

Empower your audience.
These presentations all share one major objective: to empower attendees into taking action. These are not your lectures of years past, but rather engaging interactions with the achievement of business goals by participants at the center of Minal’s drive. To attain this, presentations are designed in a way that all attendees leave with a plan providing them with the tools they need to begin or enhance their marketing

  • Asteto Dent Labs
  • Central Society
  • Dental Digital Marketing Conference
  • Dental Studies Institute
  • Floss & Gloss Women in Dentistry
  • Garden State Dental Conference & Expo
  • Greater Westfield Dental Study Club
  • Middlesex County Dental Society
  • NJDA – Union Component
  • New Jersey Dental Association
  • Somerset Study Club
  • Supporting Autism Speaks
  • Westfield Study Group
“Minal was expressive, open, enthusiastic, engaging, entertaining and responsive to the audience. Minal is an excellent presenter. It is my honor to recommend her as a TOP professional speaker.”

—Dr. Ethan Glickman, Dental Studies Institute

“Minal’s presentation was wonderful. Every member was able to take home with them numerous gems that they could use in their practices. She not only covered many aspects of digital marketing, but secondarily gave us several insights into team building and development.”

—Dr. Nima Mir Madjlessi, President of New Jersey Society of Periodontists

“She is the best speaker in Social Media marketing that I have ever heard and would be a great asset as a speaker for any dental group.”

—Dr. Irv Lubis, Dental Success Marketing

“Minal not only explained the complexity and value of Social Media in a simple manner, but she demonstrated with examples the powerful effects of “Humanizing” your brand.”

—Paul Blocchi, VP of Operations, TriState Dental

“Our Somerset Study Club members enjoyed having Minal speak to us last night. She could have not been more engaging, informative or enthusiastic. What an awesome presentation.”

—Dr. Cornick, Seattle/Somerset Study Club

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Why choose Minal?
  • Minal speaks from experience, knowledge, and understanding because, uniquely, she is a practicing dental professional, experienced marketer AND runs her own dental marketing consultancy company.
  • As a speaker, Minal offers informative sessions on the ever-evolving science of marketing, with courses that can be CEU certified for Dental Professionals.
  • Minal also holds the Guinness World Record for Swish Away Breast Cancer (with 1,530 participants), an event that was used to launch her dental marketing business, Growth Management Marketing LLC, and raise awareness for breast cancer.





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