MaryJane Hanlon, Dental Speaker

Boston, MA

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  • Business / Financial
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Practice Management

MaryJane Hanlon, RDH, DMD, MBA

Gain powerful tools and evidence-based management systems that can take your business to the next level.

Dentists spend years developing their clinical skills but have limited experience with the business of dentistry. We need both clinical and business education for practice success. From keeping your team motivated to providing excellent patient care and ensuring profitability, practice ownership can be overwhelming.

If you’re tired of simply “running” your practice and are ready to operate as the practice CEO, Dr. MaryJane Hanlon can help.

Why choose Dr. Hanlon?
  • Dr. Hanlon has been active in the dental industry for 15 years. She combined her passion for dentistry with her acumen for
    business when she obtained her MBA from Suffolk University.
  • Dr. Hanlon created a list that was translated into the creation of a course given at Yankee Dental every year in conjunction with Bentley University called the “Mini MBA for Dentists”.
  • Dr. Hanlon is Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at Tufts, overseeing all of the undergraduate and postgraduate clinical operations for the school.
  • Dr. Hanlon is highly involved with the Massachusetts Dental Society and will become its fourth female president in 2020.