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Leonard Tau, DMD

For almost two decades, Dr. Leonard Tau has continually proved himself to be an innovative leader in the field of dentistry. As a dentist, practice owner, public speaker, and consultant, Dr. Tau has had the opportunity to engage with dental professionals across the country with the goal of helping their practices flourish.

Len is pleased to find opportunities to share what he’s learned with others. He has been a consultant with iSocial Dental Consulting for over 5 years and is a general manager at BirdEye. Len discovered the power of internet marketing and the impact it had on his profession. He’s been able to share his wealth of experience nationwide, and it’s his goal to help other dental professionals learn about all the tools and strategies available to help their practice grow. He was recently chosen as one of the top leaders in Dental consulting by Dentistry Today.

Len understands the dynamics of a successful dental team in a unique way. His experiences as a speaker have also given him valuable insight into how dental practices can overcome obstacles and reach goals. He’s eager to share stories of success to help you and your team make wise, informed decisions that will lead to practice growth and professional fulfillment.

One of the most effective ways that you can increase new patient numbers and case acceptance rates is with a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Does your practice have a marketing plan in place that fully utilizes the strength of today’s digital tools? Have you been able to build a comprehensive online presence for your practice? Len will share his first-hand experience and the resources he uses to bring exponential practice growth.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of robust content for online ranking
  • Understand how to make your practice stand out online
  • See the benefits of using social media and online listings to promote your practice
  • Understand the necessity of mobile marketing in today’s smart phone world

Evaluate Your Online Score (Hands On Workshop)

In this hands-on course, Len will show you how to evaluate your practice’s online presence. Is your website holding you back? Is your social media strategy ineffective? Are you struggling to find ways to meaningfully connect with potential patients? Get ready to take a full look at your practice and identify areas of improvement that can lead to increased revenue. By maintaining a cohesive and personalized online brand, your practice could see exponential growth.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of controlling your online presence
  • Learn about different ways to track and manage your online reputation
  • Develop strategies for utilizing all available resources
  • Learn how to establish and maintain a cohesive online brand

When people search for a new dentist online, your practice’s reviews will be displayed. What does your Yelp reputation say about you and your team? Practices must have a plan in place to establish, promote, manage and monitor a positive reputation online. Positive reviews will drive business to your practice while negative reviews can turn potential patients away. Learn the three steps to managing your online reputation: get found, stand out, and protect yourself from negative reviews.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to best utilize Yelp to your advantage
  • Understand the rules and policies of the platform
  • Recognize the importance of consistent branding across Yelp and other online resources

Is your practice seeing stars? Word of mouth has evolved in the digital age to include what other patients are saying about you online. Is your practice consistently obtaining 5-star reviews from patients? Learn how to improve your online reputation and manage your practice’s online presence, and leverage your strengths to increase new patient numbers.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles that the different aspects of your online presence play
  • Learn how to utilize the resources available to conveniently manage your online presence and reputation
  • Develop strategies for engaging with customers in ways that will garner positive feedback online
  • Review ways to handle negative feedback that will reflect positively on your practice

The perfect dental practice isn’t the one with perfect online reviews; it’s the one with an action plan for managing reviews. Receiving a bad review can produce a mix of emotions from anger to embarrassment. Len will share his techniques for earning positive reviews and handling bad ones in this 60-minute presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why your online reputation is important
  • Understand how various review websites work and how to maintain a presence on that biggest platforms
  • Learn how to better respond to negative customer feedback
  • Review ways you and your team can be garnering positive feedback from patients

What separates high-earning doctors from the low-earning ones? There are many things, but one of the most important is case acceptance. You may be the best clinician with the most precise hand skills, but if you cannot articulate why patients should allow you to treat their dental needs, then your success in dentistry will be limited. Nowadays there are many software technologies that are now available that will help you increase this acceptance. Dr. Tau will review many of the available technologies that he uses in his practice that helps him achieve 85% case acceptance. Don’t miss this high value class with pearls you can leave with and implement the next business day.

Learning Objectives

  • How to increase overall case acceptance
  • What current technologies exist to improve your case acceptance
  • What is the most important thing to offer to increase your case acceptance
  • How your online presence plays a role in case acceptance
Dentist. Consultant. Speaker. Few professionals within the dental industry have the level of expertise, knowledge, and passion for the field as Dr. Leonard Tau. Len has traveled the country educating dental professionals to help them succeed in growing their practice, reigniting their passion for their profession, and navigating the fast-changing nature of the job. With nearly two decades of experience as a dentist, Len understands the challenges that face dental teams each day.

For Len, dentistry is a family affair, as his father had a home office in New City, NY. Len is a graduate of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He continued his dental education through participation in the Advanced Education of General Dentistry at UMDNJ in Somerdale, NJ. After working in a group practice for five years, Len established his own private practice in Philadelphia.

He was selected as one of Philadelphia’s Top Dentists by Philadelphia Magazine for his attention to detail and his approach to patient care. Len believes in making the time for each patient to hear their concerns, answer their questions, and address their needs. Additionally, Len is an active member of numerous professional organizations including the American Dental Association, the Pennsylvania Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, the Eastern Dental Society, the Northeast Philadelphia Dental Implant Study Club, and the American Academy of Clear Aligners.

Len is passionate about advancing dentistry through the implementation of successful, proven strategies. He relishes the opportunity to work alongside other dental professionals to help them succeed and reach new heights.

From internet marketing, reputation marketing and social media, to case presentation, improving profits and surviving a challenging economy, Len can help you and your team succeed.

  • Academy of GP Orthodontics
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Association of Dental Office Managers
  • American Dental Association Annual Session
  • Arun Garg Dental Implant Symposium
  • California Dental Association North SF
  • Charter Oaks Dental Meerting
  • Delaware State Dental Meeting
  • Dental Digital Marketing Conference
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting
  • Invisalign GP Forum
  • Invisalign GP Summit
  • Mid Atlantic Dental Meeting
  • New Mexico Dental Association Annual Meeting
  • New Orleans Dental Association Annual Meeting
  • Smile Source Exchange
  • Townie Meeting
  • Valley Forge Dental Conference
  • Yankee Dental Meeting
“I was truly inspired by your presentation.”

—Dr. Paul Hoffstein

“I am really overwhelmed by the volume of info. You are now my Marketing Guru!”

—Dr. David A. Zadik

“You’re lively, interesting, and the material was just great.”

—Dr. Harold Slutsky

“I have know Dr. Len Tau for 5 years. Every time I hear him speak at one of his seminars I learn something new. His knowledge base for online reputation marketing for the dental practice is impressive. He speaks to the audience about the state of the dental industry, taking ownership of their own online brand and offers practical tools to the dental professional to grow their practice. His approach in his interactive seminars is refreshing and I would recommend attending one of his seminars annually.”

—Patti Williamson, Regional Sales Manager

“Thanks for all the great ideas. I had thought about social networking but wasn’t sure how to do it professionally. You gave us a lot of ideas on how to get started. I went home and put up a business page on Facebook.”

—Dr. Dorothy Rooney

“When it comes to 21st century dental practice marketing, Dr. Len Tau, is fast becoming the industry standard. His talk, as its name implies, will literally have you seeing stars! In the Internet age word of mouth marketing has gone digital. Review sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Healthgrades, and many others are driving the online conversation. And managing this flow – and knowing how to respond – is essential if you want to succeed! Dr. Tau is a fun, engaging lecturer who is happy to take questions and welcomes immediate feedback. Increasingly your web reputation is your reputation. And with a reputation management platform like BirdEye organizing all of your reviews in one, easy to navigate place, your path to dental greatness will be assured!”

—Arun K. Garg, DMD

“What a wonderfully informative seminar.. I am very excited about all the possibilities that social media creates!!! Your presentation is very thorough and covers all the important aspects.”

—Donna Costa; Transition Consultant

“Highly authoritative; Dr. Tau is a great communicator. His material is always current and extremely relevant to his audiences. He is a real pro.”

—Jim Richardson

“Len Tau is a pioneer of dental online presence. He is the guy that gave me the missing piece to go from 10 cases a year to 40 cases a quarter. Now, I do 30 a month. From a review system to social media and internet marketing, he showed me a path to that next level.”

—Dr. Wollock

“I am writing this from the back of the room and there is one hour left in your program. I consider myself to be technologically literate and I want to tellyou that your program is awesome. Meat and potatoes with information I can use right away.”

—Dr. Internoscia

Why choose Len?
  • Len can relate to dental professionals on a unique level thanks to his experience as a dentist and practice owner, as well as his work in consulting and speaking. He knows the best approach for communicating with different individuals within the dental field. With nearly two decades of experience, Len knows what works because he’s tried these strategies himself.
  • Len has worked in a group practice and a private practice. He understands the dynamics of a successful dental team in a unique way. Len’s experiences as a speaker have also given him valuable insight into how dental practices and teams overcome obstacles and reach goals. He’s eager to share stories of success, and failure, to help you and your team make wise, informed decisions that will lead to practice growth and professional fulfillment.
  • In his content-rich and energizing seminars, Len will share his firsthand experiences as a wet fingered dentist that consistently has his audiences asking him to come back for more.





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