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Laura Jamison dental speaker

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  • Communication
  • Practice Management
  • Team Building

Laura Jamison

Laura Jamison’s presentations are focused on dynamic team building and solid business management principles that maximize growth potential. Laura’s unique range of experiences combined with a passion for helping dental teams succeed make her an exceptional choice for your next meeting.

What do you do when you look at your Profit and Loss Statement and find that there’s not much left after expenses?

Don’t give up. Learn how to analyze your financial statements by comparing your expenses to industry norms. Learn how to compile data that will enable you to gain control of your practice, engage the team in looking at the production by department and cash flow indicators, marketing results and case acceptance.

Participants will learn the skills necessary to implement a monthly action plan to get back on top of the game.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the difference between abdication and delegation
  • Learn to compare your expenses to industry norms
  • Set realistic goals for your practice
  • Engage your team in evaluating your numbers
  • Implement an easy to monitor bonus system

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Office Manager, Full Team

A reliable team has everything to do with patient perception of your practice. You risk loss of dollars, time, patients and employees when you do not make the right decision to hire, train and retain good people. Your employees are the only asset that increases in value over time.

Learn how to attract good prospects, set up a professional training program, improve team meetings and communicate better as a group by learning personality styles and conflict resolution skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Value your team
  • Attract and hire exceptional employees
  • Create professional training programs
  • Learn how to have productive team meetings
  • Know your personality
  • Resolve conflict with consideration

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day
Suggested Audience: Full Team

Our expectations of service are so low that the rare provider who exceeds the patients’ expectations will win the loyalty of the consumer every time.

Learn how every point of contact allows you the opportunity to create a raving fan.

This seminar will cover marketing, initial phone contact, the new patient examination flow, financial options, appointment control, delayed treatment follow up and patient retention.

Learning Objectives

  • Determine your core values
  • Top 10 list for what patients expect
  • “Point of Contact” cycle to improve systems
  • Marketing
  • Telephone skills
  • Importance of the New Patient Exam
  • Financial options
  • Control of appointment system
  • Create raving fans

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day
Suggested Audience: Full Team

You are the message. Within 7 seconds your patient has developed an opinion based on what they see and experience. Learn verbal and nonverbal communication skills such as active listening, benefit statements, body language and how effectively certain phrases can work for you. Learn what you may be able to do differently to improve your presentation skills, language and image.

Learning Objectives

  • 3 V’s that influence your patients
  • Communication fundamentals
  • Active listening skills
  • Evaluate body language and vocal tone
  • Benefit statements
  • Handle objections and get commitment
  • Measure your results

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day
Suggested Audience: Full Team

Laura Jamison is one of dentistry’s most successful and highly respected consultants. Her focus is on dynamic team building and solid business management principles. Her seminars take teams from stress to success. Her unique range of experience, including working for the Pride Institute with Dr. Jim Pride for over 6 years, combined with a passion for helping dental teams succeed makes her an exceptional speaker, consultant, author and coach.

Laura has guided over 1,500 practices to prosperity since 1992. Her successful seminars in high demand have lead her to present for national, state and county dental societies as well as many study club chapters throughout the U.S, Sweden and Australia. Her writing can be found in publications including Dental Economics, Today’s FDA, ADA Dental Teamwork, Inside Dentistry, Dental Assisting Digest and the AADOM Observer as well as in the book, Powerful Practice, Volume 2.

Laura’s desire to design unique action plans for her clients led to the establishment of Jamison Consulting, Inc. The objective of Jamison Consulting, Inc. is to provide the dentist and dental team with a customized program for training and support that assists them in achieving their professional and personal goals. The vision of Jamison Consulting is to help you improve the perception of dentistry, one patient experience at a time.

Laura is also the founder of Her passion for helping the entire dental team is evident in this website dedicated to educating the community on the oral systemic health link by promoting Dentistry has a Heart month in February each year.

  • Academy of General Dentistry Annual Meeting
  • American Academy of Dental Office Managers
  • American College of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Central District Dental Society
  • Dentistry Has A Heart webinar presented with ADIA
  • Central Florida Study Club
  • Cleveland Study Club
  • Dentaltown Webinar
  • Dutchess County Dental Society
  • Florida National Dental Congress
  • Florida Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
  • Granite State Study Club
  • Greater Pensacola Study Club
  • Highlands County Dental Society
  • ICOI/ADIA Meeting
  • Midwest Implant Institute Winter Meeting
  • Naples Dental Seminars
  • Perio-Prosthetic Study Club
  • Polk County Dental Society
  • Riverside Dental Forum
  • Seattle Study Club Program Coordinatorís Meeting
  • Shark Tooth Study Club
  • Southwest Study Club
  • West Coast District Dental Society Meeting
  • Amongst many others…
“On behalf of the West Coast District Dental Association’s officers, membership and staff, thank you for your commitment in helping our members grow in their professional and practice lives. We truly appreciate the seminar series you present, Entrepreneurial Approach to Dentistry in Today’s Economy. The association values you and your dedication to dentistry.”

—Leo R. Cullinan, DDS, MS, President, WCDDA

“Laura has captivated our audiences with her incredible presentations. She engages the participants and provides easily implementable strategies for practice success. Her charisma and style leave the participants wanting more and her evaluations are always off the charts.”

—Lynn Mortilla, former Executive Director at ADIA

“It is my pleasure to recommend Laura. I have known Laura for many years and have attended her seminars in the past. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and is known for solid business management principles and team building expertise. Teams love Laura’s warm, engaging style.”

—Linda Harvey, MS, LHRM, DFASHRMC

“It was a pleasure to have Laura Jamison present her informative and motivating lecture ‘Beyond Your Bottom Line.’ She presents in an interesting and fun way so that the attendees never lose interest. The fact that so many attendees responded to our evaluation in such a positive manner is, in and of itself, indicative of a very good program. It was a great experience working with Laura and I hope to do it again in the future.”

—Linda Lowell, Executive Director Central Florida District Dental Association; Dental Society of Greater Orlando

“It was a great day. Laura is not only a terrific motivating speaker with great practical ideas, she is fun! Feedback from our members was excellent. Laura is the real deal! Many of our members and guests commented on changes they have made based on what they learned from her.”

—Dr. Steve Ross, Dutchess County Dental Society; Poughkeepsie, NY

“I saw the ‘Big Picture’! To realize that the numbers are not the end but the beginning to guide your practice. (Laura knows how resistant I have been to the numbers and reports.)”

—Kathleen DiVito, DDS; Largo, FL

“Laura has a deep understanding of the numbers that matter in a dental practice and she presents this material in an easy to understand format.”

Thomas Giacobbi, DDS, FAGD; Editorial Director, Dentaltown Magazine

“After several seminars with Laura Jamison, I keep learning new ideas and am recharged with enthusiasm to keep my hygiene practice exciting and fulfilling.”

—Mary Mooney, RDH; Tampa, FL

“Exceeding Patient Expectations was terrific! We are all very excited and are thinking of ways to start implementing these new ideas.”

—Marcia Martinez, DMD; Orlando, FL

“Laura has a wonderful ability to connect with her audience. She presented a large amount of information and was able to handle all the questions with grace and confidence. Her knowledge of practice management is impressive – you can tell that she is an expert in the business of dentistry. On a personal note, I find Laura to be one of the warmest people I’ve ever met. I enjoy her company very much and highly recommend her as both a business colleague and a friend.”

—Teresa Duncan, Odyssey Management Inc.

“I thought you might like to know that February, the shortest month, was our best month ever! Last year, while working with you, was also our best year ever. We have been doing great! This year, we have beaten our all time best production 3 times already. Thank you for your help in reaching that level.”

—Randall T. Hedrick, DDS, PLC St Petersburg, FL

“As a practice management consultant, Laura Jamison truly stands out as one of the most effective speakers. On January 22, 2009, Laura hosted an online seminar to an audience of 250 dentists. While not having the benefit of seeing her audience, Laura managed to engage the audience and keep attendees interested. Stylistically, Laura’s presentation is smooth, clear and fluid. Her practice management expertise is spot-on, and her insights invaluable. I would recommend Laura Jamison to any dentist who wishes to improve their practice function; and implement processes, strategies and techniques that will ultimately increase their bottom line.”

—Ahmed Shams, Dentaltown Magazine

Why choose Laura?
  • Laura Jamison’s presentations focus on dynamic team building and solid business management principles.
  • Laura worked for the Pride Institute with Dr. Jim Pride for over 6 years.
  • Laura is founder of, a website dedicated to educating the community on the oral systemic health link by promoting
  • Dentistry has a Heart month in February each year.
  • She has guided over 1,500 practices to prosperity since 1992.





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Laura Jamison dental speakingLaura Jamison dental speakingLaura Jamison dental speaking