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  • Practice Management
  • Treatment Planning

Steven Katz, DDS &
Kelly Fox-Galvagni

Would you like to regain the joy of practicing dentistry? Ready to achieve your full practice potential?

Dr. Steven Katz and Kelly Fox-Galvagni teach dentists and their teams about the amazing potential that they and their team members have to change lives. They don’t teach that in Dental School. Nor do they teach dentists and their teams how to have fun or to be successful in their chosen career.

A full time dentist and auxiliary team member with over 50 years of dental practice experience between them, Dr. Katz and Kelly have never worked in the same office! With a unified vision and direction, however, they bring both sides of the approach to their presentations, inspiring dentists and team to find a greater sense of purpose and become successful practitioners, while having fun along the way.

Why Choose Steve and Kelly?
  • Known as “Dentistry’s Dynamic Duo”, Steve and Kelly inspire dentists and teams to find a greater sense of purpose and become successful practitioners, while having fun along the way.
  • Steve’s practice tripled in size shortly after he returned from a physical setback, largely due to the strengths of his systems and team.
  • Kelly has been a Clinical Assistant since 1989 and takes pride in the fact that the last three practices she worked in doubled or tripled their production and collection with her influence.
  • Both Steve and Kelly have won the Speaking Consulting Network’s Spotlight On Speaking competition.
  • Steve is proud to have been named The Best New Speaker in Dentistry at the Madow Brother’s TBSE event.
  • Steve’s first book, They Didn’t Teach Us THAT In Dental School, was published in 2014.





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