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Kathryn Gilliam, BA, RDH

Kathryn Gilliam’s interest in the medical side of dentistry led her to years of advanced study into the oral-systemic link, including twice graduating from the prestigious Bale Doneen Preceptorship. Her company, PerioLinks, LLC, was born out of her desire to train dental teams to transform their practices to care for the total health of their patients through comprehensive periodontal treatment.

Extensive research has confirmed the devastating effects of periodontal disease on systemic health. Dental practitioners are in a unique position to restore patient health through comprehensive periodontal care.

Periodontal disease contributes to many catastrophic systemic illnesses, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Dental professionals can impact patient wellness by utilizing a medical model of care in the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Elevate the professional identity of your practice while increasing personal and professional satisfaction in your team! Create a wellness-centered practice with an informed team that inspires confidence in patients, improving both the overall quality of patient care and practice financial health.

In this comprehensive, fast-paced course, explore the science behind the oral-systemic connection and survey systemic diseases associated with periodontal disease. Identify how to integrate diagnostic testing into the practice, implement adjunctive therapies, and compare home hygiene options. In addition, examine medical conditions, such as diabetes and cancer, that affect dental treatment, and learn how to manage medically compromised patients.

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend the role of keystone bacteria and inflammation in periodontal disease and its effect on systemic health
  • Illuminate the significance and challenges of oral biofilm
  • Discover how medical wound care protocols can be utilized in the treatment of periodontal disease
  • Recognize systemic health problems within the dental maintenance appointment
  • Explore leading-edge techniques and technologies to enhance periodontal treatment
  • Learn the screening tools used to determine the extent of periodontal infection and genetic risk
  • Elevate communication skills to educate and engage patients in their health choices and treatment considerations
  • Hone communication techniques for sharing screening information and coordinating treatment recommendations with physicians
  • Specify nutritional supplements and diet recommendations to address periodontal inflammation and support the immune system.

Suggested Format: Dentist, Hygienist, and Team
Suggested Audience: General Dentist, Specialists, Spouses; Key Team Members, Dental Students

One American dies every hour from oral cancer.

Rates of oral cancer continue to increase while other cancers are declining. Dental professionals know the importance of early oral abnormality detection, but many lack confidence in knowing exactly what to look for and how to discuss concerns with patients. Caring for patients undergoing cancer treatment creates additional uncertainty for dental clinicians.

In this interactive workshop, Kathryn Gilliam emphasizes the importance of early oral cancer detection and caring for cancer patients in the general dental office. Distinguish cancer risks including tobacco, alcohol, and the Human Papilloma Virus, and recognize those people at highest risk. Learn how to perform a spa-like, comprehensive examination when screening for head and neck abnormalities, setting your practice apart.Explore elegant and effective verbal skills to enhance patient education, increase acceptance, ease patient concerns, and maximize patient followup with specialists when needed. Identify various lesions and review the terminology needed to accurately describe them. Learn the benefits of fluorescence to enhance cancer screening. Review various protocols for the management of xerostomia, mucositis, nutritional deficiencies, and other common cancer treatment side effects. Being able to offer effective regimens and real comfort to patients will create immense professional and personal satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

  • Acknowledge the importance of early oral cancer detection and develop a philosophy of care
  • Highlight risk factors including alcohol, tobacco, and HPV
  • Review available early detection devices
  • Learn and practice extra- and intra-oral examination techniques
  • Know how to explain the screening process and skillfully verbalize your findings with the patient
  • Learn how to identify and utilize the correct terminology to accurately describe lesions
  • Discuss cytology, biopsy, referral, and follow-up protocols
  • Gain techniques for the management of the side effects and oral manifestations of chemotherapy and radiation

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Hygienist, and Team


Kathryn Gilliam’s interest in the medical side of dentistry led her to years of advanced study into the oral-systemic link, including graduating from the prestigious Bale Doneen Preceptorship. Her company, PerioLinks, LLC, was born out of her desire to train dental teams to transform their practices to care for the total health of their patients through comprehensive periodontal treatment.

Kathryn has been on the front lines of early detection of oral cancer throughout her career. Kathryn teaches an elegant and thorough head and neck cancer exam that both relaxes patients and raises their awareness of the importance of regular cancer screening. She is an active volunteer for The Oral Cancer Foundation and Oral Cancer Cause.

Kathryn delivers impactful presentations to both small and large groups across the country and internationally. She is a graduate of the Lioness Principle Advanced Transformational Trainer and Inspirational Speaker programs. She has published continuing education courses for ineedce.com and Dr. Bicuspid.com, and Kathryn’s articles have been featured in: The Journal of the Academy of General Dentistry, AGD Impact, Dental Economics, RDH Magazine, Dentistry Today, and Modern Hygienist.

The Profitable Dentist; Excellence in Dentistry Conference
Oregon Dental Conference
Yankee Dental Congress
Pearls for the Dental Hygienist Study Club
Greater Houston Dental Hygienists Association
Nebraska Dental Hygienists Association
Blue Sky Conference; Productive Dentist Academy
Nebraska Dental Hygienists Association
Houston Head and Neck Cancer Meeting
Baton Rouge Dental Hygiene Association
Productive Dentist Academy
“Kathryn has a thorough grasp of the critical role oral health plays in arterial wellness. Her presentations illuminate the link between periodontal disease and arterial inflammation, as well as how inflammation can be extinguished by managing and eradicating periodontal disease.”
– Bradley F Bale, M.D., Cofounder of the Bale/Doneen Method, Medical Director, Heart Health Program Grace Clinic, Adjunct Professor School of Nursing, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center

“Kathryn Gilliam is one of the most committed to excellence speakers in the field of whole health dentistry. She delivers her messages with tremendous knowledge and passion for the patients’ overall health. She understands a healthy mouth is truly a healthy body. Kathryn is also an oral cancer advocate creating awareness and education for early diagnosis. Dentists love Kathryn’s team approach for the practice to become known as the “go to practice” that is interested in the patients’ total health, not just their teeth. That alone is one of the best marketing features for tomorrow’s dental practice. Don’t miss an opportunity to hear this talented dental speaker again and again.”
– Linda Miles, Speaker, Consultant, Author

“Kathryn Gilliam is a truly remarkable hygiene clinician, industry leader, and inspiring speaker! She is passionate and knowledgeable about the oral systemic link, its effect on patients’ lives, and our ability to influence patients’ health and well-being. One of the best speakers I’ve heard on this topic!”
– Katherine Eitel Belt, Founder and President Lioness Learning, Inc

“It is my honor to know and recommend Kathryn Gilliam for speaking and consulting services. Kathryn possesses a robust range of dental knowledge and experience and is deeply committed to making a difference in the health of our patients and our practices. Her truest passion lies in the leading-edge areas of early oral cancer detection and care for patients undergoing cancer treatment, as well as the integration of oral systemic awareness into clinical practice. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Kathryn’s interesting, enjoyable and informative presentations. Her style is clear and professional and she is extraordinarily approachable on every level. Her command of the oral systemic science and her ability to express herself in a professional manner is exemplary. She is a polished speaker with content that is timely and inspiring. I would highly recommend Kathryn’s courses/presentations, which are suitable for the entire dental team.”
– Lisa Marie Samaha, D.D.S, FAGD

“I found the information Kathryn shared in her PerioLinks seminar to be extremely beneficial. She presents advanced concepts with expertise and she makes complex ideas clear and easy to understand. Kathryn inspires the dental team to recognize the oral-systemic connection and gives easy to follow strategies to implement this information in practice. I’m excited to use these strategies to benefit the total body wellness and keep patients healthier. I highly recommend her courses.”
– Patti Sooy, Director of Coaching, Business Development Coach, Productive Dental Academy

“Kathryn Gilliam is the ultimate expert on oral cancer and how to help oral cancer patients. Kathryn has written articles and courses on this important subject, and addresses both large audiences and small. Her expertise and passion are evident in her presentations. And she is fun and easy to work with. If oral cancer is your topic of interest, Kathryn is your only choice for a top speaker.”
– Janet Hagerman, RDH, BS, Speaker, Author, Coach

“Kathryn is passionate and knowledgeable about oral health care and she is at the forefront of the oral-systemic movement. Her presentation to our organization was informative and entertaining and gave us a lot to talk about going back to our individual offices and teams. Kathryn is a go-to person for professional education and a great mentor to her colleagues. Our organization will happily invite Kathryn back again and again.”
– Jessica Smith, RDH, B.S., Vice President of the Greater Baton Rouge Dental Hygienist Association, Regional Coordinator for the Oral Cancer Foundation in Louisiana. Sunstar/RDH Award of Distinction 2014 Recipient

Kathryn does a great job of incorporating information that is accurate and useful in your everyday life. With all the statistics presented on how periodontal disease can impact the whole body, you know this gal has done her homework. You will not be disappointed with Kathryn at the front of the room!”
– Ryan D Rutar, RDH, BSDH, MA, President-Elect Nebraska Dental Hygienist’s Association

“We were fortunate to have Kathryn Gilliam provide a presentation at our Nebraska Dental Hygienists’ Association Fall Session. The presentation, Hot Stuff: The Fire Within – The Dangers of Oral Inflammation, was fantastic! The concept of changing dental hygiene practice into a Wellness Practice was so motivating. Kathryn provides the latest scientific information with practical protocols for implementation. I recently started working in a new joint medical-dental public health practice. This information is perfect for what we need to combine both disciplines for our clientele. The information Kathryn shares is truly essential for any practice or individual hygienist that cares about the patient’s whole health. Systemic health knowledge is crucial to me as I also provide hygiene services to an Alzheimer’s care facility through my own business, Preventive Dental Hygiene Care. Dental health can no longer be separated from the rest of the body! I highly recommend you attend a course given by Kathryn to elevate your practice to that of a Wellness Healthcare Professional.”
– Cynthia Carlson, RDH, BS, PH-RDH

“I met Kathryn Gilliam when she was the guest speaker presenting head and neck cancer examinations at another seminar I was attending in the USA. Lucky me, I wasn’t let down! I learned a totally new approach to performing a cancer screening. My colleagues and I have now implemented Kathryn’s techniques and principals and we use them on every patient daily. Our patients appreciate our attention to their overall health and feel safe with our thorough exam. I feel so good knowing I have elevated my skills and I believe I’m saving lives! Thanks, Kathryn!”
– Marie Pors, RDH, Denmark

“Kathryn presented at the 2018 Oregon Dental Conference. I registered for, “Oral Cancer: Three Minutes to Save a Life”. Kathryn’s 3-hour presentation was so compelling, I returned for her afternoon session, “Hot Stuff: The Dangers of Oral Inflammation” even though I originally registered for a different course. Excellent presentations, packed with useful, eye-opening information that showed how we can follow her motto, “We’re not just cleaning teeth, we’re saving lives.” I am grateful for your knowledge and passion to teach and walk your talk. You are a blessing.”
– Dorothy Davis, RDH

Why choose Kathryn?
  • A pioneer and advocate for incorporating the latest scientific research on the oral – systemic link into clinical practice, Kathryn teaches that dental disease IS systemic disease.
  • Kathryn creates a learning environment infused with energy and passion to ignite excitement in her attendees and create real change in their clinical practice. Kathryn’s attendees leave with a renewed sense of purpose and an elevated identity as health care providers.
  • A seasoned trainer and educator, Kathryn utilizes adult learning methods, audience interaction, and hands on experiences to connect attendees to the material and to facilitate retention of key concepts.
  • Kathryn’s presentations highlight proven strategies and systems for creating effective patient communication resulting in increased treatment acceptance.
  • As a clinician, clinical coach, and business owner, Kathryn is familiar with the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful dental practice. Her attendees and clients benefit from her long career in dentistry.
  • Kathryn easily relates to her audiences as an experienced clinician who understands their day-to-day challenges.
  • Kathryn has been on the front lines of early detection of oral cancer throughout her career. Kathryn teaches an elegant and thorough head and neck cancer exam that both relaxes patients and raises their awareness of the importance of regular cancer screening. She serves as the Director of Education for Oral Cancer Cause and is an active volunteer for The Oral Cancer Foundation.
  • A highly respected speaker and recognized author of multiple articles and continuing education courses published in leading scientific and professional journals.





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