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Katherine Eitel Belt


Unscripted Greatness with Clients, Audiences and Team
Using creative, non-traditional methods, Katherine Eitel Belt helps professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results. Her presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness.

Choose from her presentations below or contact her office to learn more about customizing a presentation for your group. Help your attendees find their unique voice, speak with greater clarity and inspiration, and achieve extraordinary results.

Throw out those scripts! You can be great and still be YOU! In this high-energy presentation, Katherine Eitel Belt, the leading expert on non-scripted communications shares four simple yet innovative steps to polish your telephone skills and improve your results and value to the practice. Discover how to create consistency – without a script – for all team members answering the phone. Increase productivity tomorrow with incoming new patient calls as well as outgoing confirmation and reactivation calls. Tap into your own instinctive greatness and be better than ever!

Don’t Market Your Practice… until you and your team have taken this course! Whether you are a referral-based practice or market externally, this course will dramatically improve your success in converting more calls to appointments.

Learning Objectives

  • Use 4 easy steps to a great call
  • Analyze a real new patient call
  • Increase return-on-investment from advertising callers
  • Convert more calls to appointments
  • Reduce patient cancellations
  • Improve success with price shoppers, insurance-driven patients, emergencies, reactivation/reminder calls, and confirmation calls
  • Juggle multiple calls with finesse
  • Customize their information intake form
  • Preheat patients for comprehensive treatment
  • Generate confidence in the practice and raving fans!

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture or Workshop
Suggested Audience: Doctors, Office Managers, Trainers, and Administrative Team

Inspired, aligned, accountable, and unstoppable! It’s the leader we all want to be. It’s the team we all want to be on. This course will show you how.

Does your team struggle with turnover, low performance, negativity or petty conflicts? A total team transformation is easier and faster than you think!

Katherine Eitel Belt, the Unscripted Communication Expert, believes personal leadership and high-performing teams are created with two basic things: clarity and inspiration. In this engaging presentation, she adamantly rejects stale methods of leadership thinking and canned scripts and shares a fresh, instinctive approach to building a team that thrives. Using The Lioness Principle, you’ll learn to lead, manage, and communicate in an intuitive way to improve your existing culture, team agreements, personal effectiveness, and productivity.

Discover the four tools you’ll need to create the practice and life of your dreams. You and your team will never be the same again.

No more excuses…and no more limits.

Learning Objectives

  • New Science: Understand why some teams click and others struggle, and why developing leaders at every level is essential in today’ modern environment
  • Think Different: Discover the 4 steps of “possibility thinking” to help your business, yourself and your team get unstuck
  • Speak Different: Learn how to turn conflict to cooperation and stop the cycle of gossip, complaining and blaming
  • Act Different: Understand how to act and react like an inspired leader in every circumstance
  • Recalibrate: Discover a fresh approach for creating a clear vision that aligns your team and truly creates action
  • Inspire: Learn how to create clarity and inspiration every time you speak
  • Thrive: Develop strategies to place you firmly in the driver’s seat of your business, your career, and your life

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture or Workshop
Suggested Audience: Executives and business leaders; business owners; office administrators, managers; individual leaders; team managers

A cornerstone of productive, positive work cultures is the ability to communicate within a team with compassion, accountability, non-judgement, and accuracy. This presentation will help owners, managers, and dental team members stop avoiding these crucial conversations and learn to embrace and succeed with them by using a 4-point self-check, 2 rules of engagement, and a simple 4-step conversation framework. This presentation includes real-life examples, live demonstration, real-time application, and tremendous inspiration about what can be accomplished both professionally and personally by having and succeeding with necessary conversations about broken agreements, under performance, non-participation, negativity or toxic behavior. A life-changing way to improve leadership, relationships, and results.

Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of this session, participants should understand how to receive and approach crucial conversations in a powerful and positive way.
  • Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to help team members align with the vision and goals, upgrade performance, and handle objections, conflict, or pushback from another person with confidence and grace.

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture or Workshop
Suggested Audience: Executives and business leaders; business owners; office administrators, managers; individual leaders; team managers

Too much data, not enough stories? Too many stories, not enough action? Too many nerves, not enough confidence! Too much practice, not enough good reviews?

Whether you’ve been asked to introduce a speaker, give a 1-minute board presentation, a 20-minute sales pitch, or the 50-minute keynote of your life, you want to be compelling, engaging, and break out of the pack of ordinary speakers and presenters. Great speeches chase down big ideas; targeted interactions deliver breakthrough moments; and impeccably told stories prime the emotional pump to crystallize your message and create unforgettable moments of clarity and inspiration for your audience.

Using an intuitive communication process called The Lioness Principle, master presenter Katherine Eitel Belt helps you create an improved speech outline, well-crafted stories, and a captivating stage presence to bring your material roaring to life.

Katherine is known throughout the US, Canada, and UK as the Unscripted Communication Expert and winner of the coveted “Spotlight-on-Speaking” award. This fast-paced, interactive presentation promises to be one of the best investments you’ll make this year to find your courage, amplify your voice, drive your message, and advance your professional career. Create and deliver speeches that captivate, illuminate, educate, and motivate.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover an easy way to write a great speech – in no time, every time
  • Translate technical subjects using stories, metaphors, acronyms, memory anchors, and interaction
  • Locate unexpected sources of engaging, useable stories
  • Craft and deliver memorable stories
  • Promote ideas, services, and products using “story-selling” techniques
  • Drive home key points in a way the audience will never forget
  • Manage nerves and build speaker confidence
  • Crystallize their material and hone their message
  • Be more comfortable and conversational on stage
  • Manage interaction, questions, and disruptions
  • Create a strong first five and last five minutes
  • Improve use of PowerPoint and props
  • Move, inspire and transform audiences

Suggested Format: Full-Day Workshop
Suggested Attendees:Corporate leaders and managers, Pre-conference Vendor Session, Salespeople, Outreach Staff, Educators, Study Club leaders

Are you worried that the meat of your message just isn’t getting through?

The survival of a lion cub depends on how quickly and effectively the lioness can teach it the ins and outs of the hunt. Cubs must learn to stalk, chase, and feed themselves independently-just as your employees, students, managers, and clients depend on you to teach them the skills they need to succeed and thrive.

What can we learn from the Lioness? A lot. It’s a jungle out there!

Katherine Eitel Belt, a powerful, experienced trainer, shines a light on how to best deliver critical messages and empower adult learners to realize their full potential. You’ll also learn how to navigate conflict and difficult personalities, as well as coach underperforming team members in a nonjudgmental yet powerful way.

Join Katherine for this inspirational and interactive safari through the jungle of proven training and coaching techniques that will forever change the way you impart critical information, systems, and protocols to gain real and lasting results.

Learning Objectives

  • Teach it so they really get it
  • Increase compliance and accountability without driving good people away
  • Organize and lead dynamic team meetings and trainings
  • Create fun in the educational setting – without looking silly
  • Write measurable training objectives
  • “Chunk” content into bite-size pieces
  • Review mechanisms and testing components
  • Improve learning environments and room dynamics
  • Masterfully manage difficult or resistant learners
  • Adapt training curriculum for one-on-one, group and remote learning
  • Build lasting results, consistency, and accountability
  • Love your job as a manager and trainer more than ever before!!

Suggested Format:Full-Day, Partial Day; Lecture or Workshop
Suggested Attendees:Management, Team Leads, Corporate Trainers, Consultants, and Educators

LionSpeak is a communications coaching company dedicated to teaching the powerful art of non-scripted, authentic communication and personal leadership skills to professionals. We help people find their unique voice and who speak with greater clarity and inspiration to achieve extraordinary results.

Master speaker, trainer, and coach, Katherine Eitel Belt founded the company in 1990. Today, along with a team of experienced coaches, Katherine provides customized coaching programs to hundreds of corporate, small business, healthcare, dental and veterinary teams worldwide. Recent clients include Henry Schein, Care Credit, LuLaRoe Fashion, Berecz and Associates Law Firm, Patterson Dental, Seattle Study Club, Philips Oral Healthcare, and Sirona Cerec.

Katherine Eitel Belt is considered The Unscripted Communication Expert in the US, Canada, and the UK. She is the creator of The Lioness Principle™, a unique leadership communication tool. These guiding principles, along with several other easily replicable tools, are what LionSpeak uses to help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness. The company specializes in a broad range of communication forums ranging from frontline telephone skills (including mystery shopper services), public speaking skills for executives and sales teams, media readiness, inter-team communications, adult learning techniques for trainers and educators, and personal leadership skills.

Using creative, non-traditional methods to help professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results is something Katherine and the team at LionSpeak love to do! Through this transformative work, Katherine has become a mentor to other consultants, trainers, speakers, corporate executives, and managers. In response to that demand, Katherine created her Transformational Training and Inspirational Speaker’s Workshops as well as her Lion Camp Leadership Experiences that are annual sell-outs in San Diego, California and are considered the premier team retreat for progressive corporate and healthcare teams.

Katherine is a SCN Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, National Speaker’s Association member, Speaking/Consulting Network board member, and past-president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. She was recently honored as the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Linda Miles Spirit Award for her contributions to the dental and healthcare industries.

National Dental Meetings

  • ADA – American Dental Association
  • Hinman Meeting (multiple)
  • Holiday Dental Conference
  • Yankee Dental Conference
  • Chicago Midwinter
  • AACD – American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • AADPA – American Academy of Dental Practice Administration
  • AADGP – American Academy of Dental Group Practice
  • AAE – American Association of Endodontists
  • ADEA – American Dental Education Association
  • ADHA – American Dental Hygienists Associations
  • IAAP – Int’l Association of Administrative Professionals
  • AADOM – American Association of Dental Office Managers (Keynoter)
  • IACA – International Association of Comprehensive Aesthetics

State Dental Meetings

  • Texas Meeting (multiple)
  • Pacific Northwest Dental Conference
  • Star of the North Dental Meeting
  • Rocky Mountain Dental Convention
  • Spokane District Dental Society
  • California Dental Association (multiple)
  • Connecticut Dental Association
  • Kentucky Dental Association
  • Utah Dental Association
  • Virginia Dental Association
  • Pacific Dental Conference; Vancouver, Canada
  • Indiana Society of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Missouri Dental Association

Study Club

  • Seattle Study Club (multiple)
  • DDS Study Club; Toronto, ON
  • Great River Study Club, MN

Local Dental Meetings

  • Fifth District Dental Society of Kansas
  • San Fernando District Dental Society
  • Sixth District Dental Society; New York
  • Southwest District Dental Society
  • West Coast District Dental Association
  • West Michigan District Dental Society
  • Nashville Dental Society
  • Henry Schein, CEA Dental Conference
  • Greater Kansas City Dental Society

Corporate Dental Meetings

  • Kois Center Annual Session (Mentors)
  • Seattle Study Club Director’s Meeting
  • Care Credit Annual Meeting (Keynoter)
  • Patterson Dental
  • Coast Dental Services
  • CR Foundation Annual Meeting
  • Cornerstone Endodontic Group
  • Kodak Users Meeting (Keynoter)

Dental Schools

  • University of Pacific
  • UCLA School of Dentistry
  • University of Texas, School of Hygiene

Dental Consulting/Speaking Meetings

  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants (multiple)
  • Speaking Consulting Network (multiple) (Voted “Outstanding Speaker”)
  • Fortune Practice Management Annual Meeting
  • CADAT – California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers

Veterinary Meetings

  • NAVC – North American Veterinary Conference
  • Vet Partners Annual Meeting
  • SPVS/VPMA Congress, England

Other Meetings

  • Dental Lab Owners Association of California
  • Acapella Hair Design
  • Maryland Dietetics Association
“If you want to listen to a fun, motivational, uplifting, knowledgeable, entertaining, positive, team-builder and great speaker, then Katherine Eitel is for you. From start to finish, working with Katherine and her team is a pleasant, professional, glitch-free experience. Let her impact your audience today!”

—Toni C. Wengreen Administrative Director, CR Foundation CE Director, Practical Clinical Courses

“Katherine Eitel presented a great program to our clinical and clerical staff. She got rave reviews from those who attended and all felt that they had good ideas to bring back to their offices on Monday. I would recommend Katherine as an asset to any Continuing Education program.”

—Stuart A. Rouff, DMD Chair, Program Committee, Sixth District Dental Society of New York

“For many years, Katherine Eitel has worked with participants at the Kois Center and has achieved remarkable results. Over the past two years, she has personally contributed to the Center through her insightful presentations and inspiring words. It has become easy to understand why she has been able to create so many transformational opportunities with the dentists and staff she touches.”

—John C. Kois, DMD, MSD Founder & Director, Kois Center, LLC

“I have been a meeting planner for The Hinman Dental Meeting for the past several years. I have heard Katherine speak many times and can highly recommend her as a speaker for your dental meeting. Katherine is engaging as a speaker and her material has been very well received by our attendees.”

—Eddie Pafford; President, Hinman Dental Society

“Katherine Eitel is the best trainer in the industry! Bar none!”

—Linda L. Miles, CSP, CMC; Founder, Speaking Consulting Network

“As a coach, Katherine gave me the tools and resources to turn an idea into a full-blown business. Not only did I learn what it takes to be a superior speaker, I also gained clarity of vision and structure for how my business will support this industry. As a result, I invited Katherine to be a part of the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute Faculty. Katherine sets the foundation for learning, establishing vision, and high level leadership communication, which has been an absolute game changer for hundreds of our program graduates.”

—Eric Nuss; Director of Business Solutions, Henry Schein Dental

“Paradigm shifting. Life changing. Truly transformational.”

—Janet Hagerman, Consultant/Trainer

“Katherine is a wonderful high-energy lecturer, a very dynamic person and excellent to work with. A ‘must’ to have on your program.”

—Jane Evans, Conference Director

Why choose Katherine?
  • Katherine’s presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness and helps them break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results.
  • Katherine provides customized coaching programs to hundreds of corporate, small business, healthcare, dental and veterinary teams worldwide.
  • The creator of The Lioness Principle (TM), a unique leadership communication tool, Katherine is widely considered to be The Unscripted Communication Expert in the US, Canada and the UK.
  • Katherine is a SCN Spotlight-On-Speaking champion, National Speaker’s Association member, Speaking/Consulting Network board member, and past-president of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.
  • She was honored as the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Linda Miles Spirit Award for her contributions to the dental and healthcare industries.





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