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  • Oral Cancer
  • Oral Systemic Connection
  • Practice Management
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Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS

The goal for all dental practices must be to maximize the quality of patient care which directly enhances the financial bottom line.

While dedicated to improving the dentist, team, and patient experience, Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, FAGD, CAFL has a strong passion for educating dental professionals about early oral cancer detection, the oral systemic connection and growing a practice “from the inside”. Dr. Bregman’s energized, thought-provoking style inspires audiences and readers nationally and internationally. Audiences benefit from his forty years of experience leading highly successful dental practices, and his years of experience as an effective speaker, author, teacher, and trainer. Attendees leave his presentations refocused, energized and with their own action list to implement these principles back in the office.

Don’t just survive. Learn how to thrive in the 21st Century.

So many changes in the industry today overwhelm many dentists and their entire team. How do you even begin to stay up-to-date? How do you weed through the options? How do you decide what to buy or incorporate into your practice to improve patient care and practice management?

Dr. Bregman brings you time-tested principles that cut through the option overload to discover best practices and technological options, systems, and protocols. He helps you gain effective techniques for your dental team to leverage the untapped potential in your practice.

In this dynamic, highly interactive course, Dr. Bregman will show you how to uncover your key practice indicators and the steps to take to enhance all aspects of Patient care, Organizational effectiveness and Profitability (P.O.P).

Take the learning deeper with additional emphasis in:

  • New Patient Experience: From New Patient to Long Term – Four Steps to Success
  • Professional Mojo: How to Stay Excited About Dentistry; or
  • Team Meetings: The Morning Huddle is a Must Do

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to write protocols to create a consistent approach to all clinical/business systems
Explore how to develop and maintain a consistent interpersonal and electronic first patient experience
  • Identify the four steps that ensures treatment acceptance, continued long term care and referrals
  • Evaluate which services can (and should) be added to a practice rather than referring out
  • Recognize correct billing and coding as the key to effective scheduling, accurate insurance filings, and financial management
Evaluate the health numbers, service intensity, and statistics of your practice to grow your financial bottom line on a daily basis
Discover new technologies and systems that enhance patient care, organizational effectiveness, and profitability

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day; Lecture or Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentist plus Entire Team

Oral cancer kills one person in the U.S. every 60 minutes every day. Malpractice claims related to oral cancer rank #2 behind periodontal disease. A well communicated oral cancer screening exam enhances patient trust, raises case acceptance, and increases new patient referrals.

Health care experts and the ADA recommend that all adults beyond the age of 16-18 receive annual oral cancer screenings. Learn how to enhance your patients experience through an effectively performed and communicated oral cancer screening examination. Significantly enhance clinical effectiveness, patient care, and the financial bottom line of your practice.

Having presented in nearly every U.S. state on this topic, Dr. Bregman delivers to-the-point, impactful education for identifying the target population; basic screening examination process and critical record keeping skills; enhanced early detection tools and technologies; and effective patient discussions relating to results and referral protocols.

This interactive, high energy program brings the topic of early oral cancer detection and new technologies clearly into focus. As the front line, the dentist and team’s implementation of these critically important oral cancer detection protocols is an issue facing all dental practices. Ensure that communication, protocols, and record keeping surrounding the oral cancer screening examination are the best that they can be in your office!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the core statistics and how oral cancer affects both young and old
Identify the changing target population and establish clarity in performing, communicating, and recording the basic cancer screening exam
  • Review the currently accepted protocol once an area of concern is identified
  • Explore and understand the new technologies which enhance detection
Learn four steps to comfortably and effectively deliver the message of a positive finding
  • Acquire communication skills for: informed consent, performing the examination, delivering the difficult message or a positive finding, and creating urgency for effective patient follow-through

Physically seeing and experiencing any new technology brings a significantly enhanced appreciation of how the new tool works “in one’s own hands.” See, touch, feel, and experience the new technologies that are available to enhance detection of oral cancer beyond the basic white light examination.

After experiencing each new technology, the group discussion will provide critical insights into how you and your colleagues might choose one over another.

Recommended Prerequisite:
 Lecture course “Reduce Risks, Save Lives, Grow Your Practice”

Learning Objectives

  • Engage in a truly interactive learning experience exploring new tools available for oral cancer detection
Learn about important technology advancements that go beyond white light screenings
Practice in a hands on environment with the technology to enhance your understanding
Participate in dynamic discussions to help you determine which tool is right for your practice
  • Determine which tools and technologies can be utilized to optimize exams in your practice

Suggested Format: Half Day Workshop
Suggested Attendees: Dentists and Hygienist

Dispelling the myths surrounding oral cancer is critical for the profession and for effective patient care.

Oral Cancer is an ‘epidemic’ around the world. As more people become aware of the risks, demographics, and treatments, there have developed many areas of misunderstanding or ‘myths’ about oral cancer and the new technologies for enhanced detection both by patients and the dentist/entire dental team. A frequent seminar presenter on oral cancer throughout the country, Dr. Bregman cuts through the clutter to expose the facts. The goal of this educational program is to move both patients and dental healthcare providers in a positive direction using the ‘facts’ as their guide.

Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish oral cancer facts from fiction, including why and how it is a health epidemic
  • Learn why performing a basic oral cancer screening or using an enhanced detection technology does NOT increase malpractice risk
  • Master techniques for documenting risk factors on the health history form
Develop skills for effectively communicating oral cancer risk factors including alcohol, tobacco, and HPV
  • Explore techniques for improving patient oral self-awareness through education

Suggested Format: Dentist plus Entire Team
Suggested Attendees: Half Day; Lecture or Workshop

How might changing technologies, materials, techniques and systems affect current protocols for patient care? Am I providing the best that dentistry has to offer for my patients?

The profession of dentistry continues to grow and change. Each year is an even more exciting time to practice dentistry than ever before experienced in the past. Do the current practice philosophy of care and written protocols reflect the integration of changing technologies, materials, techniques and business/ clinical systems? In this fast-paced program attendees will gain insight into many ways to enhance patient care and the practice. The future of dentistry is now!

Learning Objectives

  • To achieve a core understanding of the following technologies and systems
  • Oral DNA/Salivary Diagnostics: The proven diagnostic tool that has changed the way we look at treating periodontal disease and peri-implantitis
Sleep Disorders: What is new and the ‘must knows’ for total patient care (going beyond teeth and gums!)
  • CareCredit: Patient financing options — even more important than ever
  • SolutionReach: Connect to your patients through education, effective appointment confirmation, recare and re-activation systems that work
  • SalivaMax: A new and very effective product and protocol to dramatically reduce root/rampant caries
  • MySocialPractice: Proven approach to enhance practice visibility and growth using social media
Dentalintel: Dashboard of constantly refreshing key practice indicators
  • Canary: Dramatically enhanced caries detection that is proven to work
  • VELscope VX plus imaging system: The newest and highly effective enhanced detection device for oral cancer with the industry’s most current imaging system
  • Six key areas of contribution: The dental hygiene department at the core of the dental practice
  • The hygienist as the lead educator: NINE areas of connection for periodontal disease and systemic disease

The dentistry of today is about more than just fixing teeth: it is about maintaining good health, preventing disease and saving lives.

The future of dentistry is incorporating a total health focus now for patient care, especially in our large aging population. Learn enhanced oral assessment through an improved health history approach, oral cancer detection, periodontal disease analysis through salivary diagnostics, and sleep disorder diagnosis and treatment. Focus the practice in these four areas to ensure up to date and outstanding patient care. Explore the newest research and approach for educating patients and incorporating important clinical protocols. Beyond awareness, create the “must have” written protocols so that total care is not hit or miss but consistently provided.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize where we are heading as a profession: tooth focused vs. total patient care
Define total patient oral assessment focusing on four key areas
  • Discover ‘how to’ to ensure that your health history forms are current and effective
  • Explore enhanced oral cancer detection: going beyond the basic white light cancer screening examination
  • Analyze enhanced salivary diagnostics: the oral systemic connection addressed through determining oral bacterial levels and DNA markers
  • Discover the enhanced sleep disorder assessment: ‘sleep/systemic’ connection, frightening statistics, and the growing role of dentistry
  • Identify the causative factors for dry mouth: age, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, medications, diet, allergic reaction
Determine what makes up an effective written protocol for dry mouth, high caries risk, oral cancer and periodontal disease

What does personal and professional happiness look like for you?

In our fast-paced world, many of us never stop to ask the question, “What do I want my life to be?” It’s easy to get on the treadmill and never get off again. Can we consciously design a life and work that is fulfilling? In this energizing presentation, Dr. Bregman shares principles and tools for defining what we want in life, the resources needed to achieve our goals, and how to get out of our own way to reach success. Learn how to identify and remove roadblocks within ourselves.

Make “someday” now, Go from dreaming to doing fast! ™

Learning Objectives

  • Learn proven methods to break through barriers and identify your own unique personal direction, dreams, and work/life goals
  • Determine the resources you have available to reach your life goals and which you still need to acquire
  • Understand how to recognize the signs of “scripts” in your head that get in the way of reaching your goals
Define proven ways to tear up self-defeating scripts and create new scripts to help you accomplish your goals

Suggested Format: Dentist
Suggested Attendees: Keynote/Workshop

Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, FAGD. CAFL helps you discover your untapped potential and effectively enhance patient care, organizational effectiveness and profitability.

Dedicated to improving the dentist, team, and patient experience, Dr. Jonathan Bregman has a strong passion for educating dental professionals regarding early oral cancer detection, the oral-systemic connection and growing a practice from the inside. He utilizes facilitated-learning concepts and audience interaction to help attendees retain key concepts. Attendees leave his presentations refocused, energized, and with their own action lists to implement these principles back in the office.

A lifelong learner, Dr. Bregman easily relates to his audiences. He has walked in their shoes, sat in their chairs and understands their challenges. He has had conversations with thousands of audience members and has a finger on the pulse of the industry.

Dr. Bregman has personally led successful dental practices for more than 30 years. He also worked as an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Dentistry and an attending doctor for the UNC Hospital Dental Clinic. Dr. Bregman has presented hundreds of programs on early oral cancer detection and practice management topics in 45 states and abroad. He is honored to have presented at all major dental meetings in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico in the past 7 years.

In addition to speaking, writing, and training, Dr. Bregman has had great success with his dentist-to-dentist success coaching and onsite clinical consulting. To Dr. Bregman, the goal for all dental practices must be to maximize the quality of patient care, which, then, will directly enhance the financial bottom line.


  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Association of Oral Systemic Health
North Carolina Dental Society
  • Durham/Orange Dental Society
National Speakers Association
  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants
  • Speaking Consulting Network
  • Dental Speakers Bureau
  • Directory of Dental Speakers
The Duke Cancer Patient Support Program Board of Directors
Pankey Institute One Triple Plus Club and Alumni Association
  • Alabama Dental Society
California Dental Association
  • Chicago Dental Society
  • Florida Dental Society
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting
Hinman Dental Meeting
North Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
  • Puerto Rico Annual Scientific Summit
  • Puerto Rico Dental Health Symposium
  • South Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
  • Star of the South
Texas Academy of General Dentistry
Texas Oral Health Coalition Summit
  • Yankee Dental Society
International Tour Australia and New Zealand (4 weeks)
Numerous regional/state dental and dental hygiene associations
  • Cross Country Education: Over 150 all day programs in 47 states on oral cancer detection and the new technologies
“Dr. Bregman is passionate about early oral cancer detection. The educational skills he brought to the lecture helped ensure on-site learning. Bravo.”

—Joe Calderone, Dentist, Florida

“Dr. Bregman’s seminars are full of valuable information. He teaches with passion and integrity. Anyone attending his courses is sure to come away with valuable tools, increased knowledge and renewed passion for dentistry.”

—Lois Banta, Speaker/Consultant, Missouri

“You must take Dr. Bregman’s course! I was very impressed with the amount of information in Dr. Bregman’s lecture and I’m excited about informing my patients about early oral cancer detection and confident in being able to effectively screen each and every one of my patients.”

—Chrisine Skolyak, Dental Hygienist, Georgia

“Dr. Bregman is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced speaker who delivers a great dental message with powerful passion. Through a unique perspective, wonderful humor and his own clinical cases, he lets us clearly know that the future of dentistry is right here and right now.”

—David M. Reznik, DDS; Speaker/Consultant, Georgia

“Absolutely an eye-opening seminar. Kept my attention the whole time!”

—Brittany Bonds, Dental Assistant, Michigan

“This course was great! I stayed focused and learned a lot. Dr. Bregman’s passion makes me want to incorporate what I learned into my practice and into my life.”

—Dawn Dameron, Office Manager, Michigan

“Passionate and inspiring. Dr. Bregman’s experience comes across clearly to a broad audience, making him an accessible and valuable speaker.”

—Robert McDowall, Anesthesiologist, New York

“Wonderful learning experience. Fabulous fund of knowledge. Very practical techniques. Helps save lives. I highly recommend his course.”

—Vivek Gandotra, Dentist, Nevada

“Dr. Bregman’s lecture was very informative and he is a very enthusiastic speaker. He keeps you involved and part of the lecture. An excellent experience.”

—Sonia Turki-Raina, Dentist, Florida

Dr. Bregman speaks to the Mid-Continent Dental Congress in St. Louis

Why choose Jonathan?
  • Dr. Bregman has personally led successful dental practices for more than 30 years.
  • Jonathan has worked as an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Dentistry and an attending doctor for the UNC Hospital Dental Clinic.
  • Dr. Bregman has presented all major dental meetings in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • Jonathan utilizes facilitated-learning concepts and audience interaction to help attendees retain key concepts.
  • Dr. Bregman easily relates to his audiences. He has walked in their shoes, sat in their chairs and understands their challenges.





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