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John Kempton, DDS, FACD

Dr. John’s evidence-based presentations are lively, interactive, and inspirational. Drawing from patient stories and case studies, along with a 100-page proprietary training manual and easy-to-implement steps and clinical protocols, Dr. John makes transformational change simple and achievable for dental professionals who want to take patient care to the next level.

Someone dies of a cardiovascular event every 45 seconds. About 50% of cardiovascular events have oral pathogens at their epicenter.

The evidence connecting periodontal pathogens to chronic disease is firmly established. Yet most dental teams have not implemented the clinical practices which mitigate both the local and systemic distribution of high risk pathogens. We must consider the pathogens that have left the mouth and are creating breakdown at other systemic locations when our patients walk in the door. Despite organized dentistry not yet advocating the treatment of periodontal disease with systemic antibiotics, we have strong evidence that responsible stewardship practices can be embraced when translocated micro-biomes are mitigated with antibiotics in high-risk patients.

In this groundbreaking and potentially life-saving course, John Kempton, DDS, FACD presents a specific set of protocols for diagnosing and treating periodontitis with the goal of minimizing the health impact of high-risk pathogens on both the oral biome and translocated micro-biomes. Dr. John brings the subject to life by using real-life stories and case histories to crystallize the need to change clinical delivery of care.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the overall burden of chronic sickness in America and the relationship of periodontal disease to those systemic illnesses and their potential outcomes
  • Assess the dental team’s responsibility and need to consider being accountable for more than restoring and saving teeth
  • Analyze physiologic inflammation
  • Identify the systemic implications of inflammation as it relates to periodontal disease and the collective burden of all systemic inflammatory diseases
  • Develop and consider a new paradigm in context of diagnosing periodontal disease
  • Discover and review a new way to organize and review a medical history format that enables dental professionals to move from inflammatory periodontal discussions to systemic inflammatory dialogue and lead patients toward a potentially healthier life
  • Examine a method to treat periodontal disease that validates pathogens are eliminated and systemic inflammatory markers have decreased
  • Construct a learning environment that enables dental teams at one time, in one place, in an interactive workshop setting to inspire an immediate response that patients can benefit from
  • Provide a dental team with the business platform essential to provide oral systemic services and support the economy of the practice

Take the Learning Deeper with Emphasis in These Areas:

Antibiotic Stewardship: A Threat to Patient Wellness
Using Metrics to Establish Risk/Benefit Aspects of How to Best Treat Periodontal Disease

In this provocative presentation, Dr. John takes a hard look at new and relevant evidence supporting the adjunctive use of systemic antibiotics to treat periodontitis, specifically in high-risk patients. Explore the limitations of traditional mechanical debridement, adjunctive use of lasers, hydrogen peroxide, and ozone to treat the systemic impact of high-risk oral pathogens. The medical model for treating a systemic bacterial disease is discussed relative to antibiotic stewardship, including the legal ramifications. Understanding how to define a high-risk patient becomes relevant when considering treatment plans for the mitigation of high-risk pathogens in the micro-biomes that already exist in our patients as they walk in the door.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how high-risk patients are combatting preexisting micro-biomes of replicating oral pathogens
  • Define periodontitis in terms of a cycle of ongoing inflammatory burden, genetic inflammatory susceptibility, and local cellular responses at translocated sites
  • Understand the importance of treatment plans and physician collaboration in patients with systemic risk factors
  • State the impact of periodontal pathogens on blood sugar
  • Learn the impact of oral pathogens, antibiotics, and other major influences on zonulin and a “leaky gut”
  • Become comfortable connecting patient airway and breathing discorded living as a health concern dentistry can consistently diagnose and be collaborative in recommending remediation

Suggested Format:Workshop, Lecture, Keynote — Full or Partial Day
Suggested Audience: Dentist and Team

Are your patients having heart attacks and strokes? Do they have diabetes or suffer with other chronic inflammatory diseases? When is enough, enough!?

Dental teams are the frontline in patient primary care. What we do matters. Join the movement to implement life extending clinical practices in your hygiene program now. We are the solution for diminishing the effects of chronic disease in this country, starting with our patients.

Dr. John Kempton’s mission to treat high-risk pathogens in high-risk patients is driven by passion and personal experience. His life and practice took on a new direction and urgency when a patient who had been referred for extractions by a cardiologist died of a heart attack a week later. Another patient told him shortly thereafter that her husband had died under similar circumstances six months earlier. These events changed his focus in dentistry and posed a question he now issues as a challenge to every other professional in the field: “What are ‘we’ going to do about it?”

Dr. John’s expertise and qualifications come from decades of success in clinical dentistry, extensive research and knowledge in the relationship of high risk pathogens to chronic disease, and a rare passion and commitment to elevate dentistry to its rightful position as primary care amidst a chronic disease crisis in this country.

A graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry with forty years practicing comprehensive restorative dentistry, Dr. John has also completed post-graduate continuums in reconstructive dentistry, Dawson Academy’s Dental Institute for Systemic Health, and the medical Bale-Doneen preceptorship for cardiovascular health. He has been published in peer-reviewed journals and is a past or present member of ADA, MDA, Peer Review Chair, AAOSH, FACD, and Directory of Dental Speakers.

  • American Dental Association
  • Chicago Midwinter Meeting
  • Dental Team Trainings (multiple)
  • Leadership Development Workshops (Finance and Construction Industries, Non-Profits)
  • Schein Dental Sponsored Dental Leadership Workshops (multiple)
  • Schuster Study Club (multiple)
  • Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting
  • Yankee Dental Congress
“Dr. Kempton’s Oral Systemic Health program has transformed the hygiene area of my practice. This program has made an impact at the level of placing implants and CEREC has on the bottom line. We went from the constant frustration of an open hygiene schedule to booked solid 4-6 weeks out. It quickly cements value in the patients mind for their periodontal health. I highly recommend implementing this into your practice!”

—Brock Arms, DDS; Cadillac, MI

“Dr. Kempton shares both personal experiences and evidence-based research. Each team member has an individualized role in the movement to reduce chronic disease. We have gained valuable tools and guidance to launch the incorporation of oral systemic medicine throughout the entire office. Dr. Kempton delivers an abundance of knowledge in an effective and interactive way.”

—George Mantikas DMD; East Hampton, CT and Angela Litvak DMD; Naples, FL

“I had the privilege of learning more about how oral pathogens impact overall health from Dr. Kempton. I implemented his system regarding dental and systemic risk with my patients. His manual is the most thorough and complete I have seen to date and is based upon current research. The game has changed and Dr. Kempton is a leader in the oral systemic movement!”

—Micheal W. Scott DDS; Lubbock, TX

Why choose Dr. Kempton?
  • Dr. John has been praticing comprehensive restorative dentistry for 40 years and had completed Dawson Academy’s Dental Institute for Systemic Health and the medical Bale-Doneen preceptorship for cardiovascular health.
  • His expertise and qualifications come from decades of success in clinical dentistry, extensive research and knowledge in the relationship of high risk pathogens to chronic disease.
  • He has been published in peer-reviewed journals and is a past or present member of ADA, MDA, Peer Review Chair, AAOSH, and FACD.
  • Dr.Kempton is a certifed PACE (AGD) CE provider.





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