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  • Efficiency
  • Implementation
  • Practice Management
  • Project Management

Jennifer Schultz

Do you and your dental team struggle to get it all done?

Many teams struggle when juggling tasks, protocol changes AND focusing on providing the best treatment possible for patients. All are critical to the success of the practice.

Learn how to ensure that behind the scene tasks are being completed so team members can focus on patients and strengthen the practice. Gain the keys needed to successfully incorporate new skills and education into the practice to save time and money, as well as reap the rewards of implementing the changes.

Roll up your sleeves and join Efficiency Expert, Jennifer Schultz, for this fast-moving, heavy-hitting workshop. Learn what it takes to incorporate a project management system and change the speed of implementation, increase communication, easily manage projects and team accountability, and transform your practice into a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why goals/objectives are critical to the process and how to reverse engineer them
  • Learn how to create and delegate an effective action plan
  • Recognize the leader’s role in facilitating accountability and communication
  • Define the four key steps to ensure change is implemented
  • Gain the strategies and protocols to be more productive and effect positive change in the practice

Suggested Format: All Dental Audiences
Suggested Audience: Lecture, Workshop, Keynote (up to 3 hours)

Why choose Jennifer?
  • As an Efficiency Expert, Jennifer’s speaking and consulting programs provide the strategies and tools to help dental teams become more productive and facilitate change.
  • 20 years experience in the dental industry as a practice management consultant, software trainer and a clinical hygienist (15 of those years).
  • Jennifer is founder of Virtual Dental Office and Dental Insurance Navigator.
  • Jennifer is BOP Certified through Bent Ericksen & Associates.
  • Jennifer has studied adult education/training concepts and is a graduate of the Lioness Learning trainers and speakers workshops.