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  • Comprehensive Dentistry
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  • Communication
  • Treatment Presentation
  • Medical-Dental Collaboration

Hazel Glasper, DDS

95% of patients suffer from common illnesses that could be diagnosed, treated, or simply avoided by receiving comprehensive treatment.

The mouth is the gateway to the body. Too often patients approach the care of their mouths independently from the rest of their bodies. Empower patients to advocate for their health through a comprehensive and “wholistic” approach to dentistry while simultaneously increasing your value and their perception of dentistry. From increased production and collections, to improved administrative and clinical team morale, and greater service excellence, the Principles of Health, Function, and Aesthetics are the key to practice growth and define the role of dentistry in healthcare.

The Comprehensive Process: Health, Function & Aesthetics

Dr. Hazel Glasper, leader of the “Teach Me Dental” movement, is redefining how the public understands and treats their dental health. In this fast-moving, transformative course, attendees will learn the Health, Function and Aesthetics Process while expanding on the business of dentistry and the role of the team in communication, treatment presentation and case acceptance. We will evaluate the perception and history of dentistry as a branch of medicine. Emphasis is given to understanding the total health of the patient, how the systems function and always staying mindful of aesthetics.

We have a responsibility to treat the whole patient. Coupled with open communication and complete patient education, the comprehensive approach can transform your patients into informed, health-conscious decision makers and your practice into a wellness center: promoting quality dentistry and saving lives.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore clinical insights and best practices learned from the most successful educators in the industry
  • Re-learn important lessons taught in dental school that will advance your skills
  • Gain a clear understanding of comprehensive dentistry and its importance
  • Ascertain the team’s role in the success of the comprehensive approach
  • Rejuvenate your dental practice and be proud of the work you produce
  • Learn techniques which can increase productions and collections by 35% immediately
  • Understand how to manage insurance while not allowing insurance to dictate treatment
  • Participate in case studies and comprehensive treatment planning sessions
  • Explore how technology can expand the patient’s understanding and increase case acceptance
  • Understand how to use imaging technology effectively and diagnostically
  • Share your experiences, concerns and issues with other clinicians
  • Optimize clinical integrity
  • Increase your profits

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Keynote; Lecture and/or Workshop
Suggested Attendees: Dentist, Team Members

Why choose Hazel?
  • Dr. Hazel Glasper founded a national oral health campaign, Teach Me Dental, and The Comprehensive Dental Continuum (TCDC), a consulting agency for dentists.
  • On her crusade to change the perception of dentistry, she is frequently featured in the media and has appeared on CNN, Fox News, NBC, ABC NEWS Digital, PBS, and multiple radio shows, including Sirius XM and the Tom Joyner Show.
  • Dr. Glasper was appointed the Spokesperson on Oral Health for the American Heart Association in Maryland. She has partnered with Morgan State University to bring oral health education to the institution and the community.
  • She is a regular contributor to Maryland’s Women’s Journal on topics relating to comprehensive dentistry and has also written for Black Enterprise Magazine.
  • Dr. Glasper’s training programs demonstrate methods to effectively educate patients, enabling a more complete approach to care and better patient experiences.

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