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  • Clinical
  • Occlusion / TMD / Orofacial Pain
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Treatment Planning
  • Treatment Presentation

Glenn DuPont, DDS

How do we measure true success in dentistry? Helping every patient realize a healthy, beautiful, maintainable dentition. To achieve this result, dental professionals must continue to improve their diagnostic and treatment planning skills. Dr. Glenn DuPont’s speaking and consulting programs share a comprehensive, systematic approach for predictably creating long-term stability and the beautiful results patients desire.

We all have experienced patients for whom we have no idea what to do or where to start. Or restorative work that did not turn out well. In fact, treatment planning can sometimes keep a good dentist up at night. How can we make teeth look fantastic and last?

It is our responsibility to create the beautiful teeth that patients desire through a comprehensive plan that will generate predictable results and a healthy, maintainable dentition. As dental professionals we must continually seek improvement of our diagnostic and treatment planning skills to facilitate optimum dental health in our patients.

Drawing from over four decades of dental experience, Dr. Glenn DuPont shares a simple, systematic approach for evaluating patients and developing a comprehensive treatment plan and efficient treatment sequence. This systematic thought process can be applied to both simple and difficult restorative challenges to create long term stability with beautiful results. Apply this step-by-step approach to a wide range of cases. Discover the elements of communications with patients, specialists, and laboratory professionals which are equally critical to a successful outcome. Explore how to evaluate and communicate the position of the TMJs, the influence of the muscles, and the envelope of function and their interior relationship when restoring severe anterior wear problems. Dr. DuPont will also share approaches that are made possible with new materials and techniques.

Employ these keys to success in your own dental practice for predictable, beautiful results and to help patients achieve optimum dental health.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that predictability in esthetics and function is the key to restorative success
  • Discuss diagnosis, treatment planning, and communication concepts
  • Pinpoint critical communication with the technician for enhancing predictability and saving time/money
  • Recognize the key biologic and functional principles that – when violated – will lead to eventual failure
  • Learn how anterior teeth fit in their functional matrix and consequences of changing their size/shape
  • Explore new materials and techniques and their applications
  • Learn a systematic approach to achieving predictable results that last!

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Keynote
Suggested Audience: Dentists, Lab Technicians

Why choose Dr. DuPont?
  • Dr. DuPont shares a comprehensive, systematic approach for predictably.

  • His programs help quality dentists become better and achieve immediate results by improving treatment planning, sequencing and efficiency of treatment.

  • He has spent his career solving serious and extensive esthetic and functional dental problems.

  • Dr. DuPont has taught The Dawson Academy’s curriculum to thousands of dentists all around the world.


Glenn DuPont, dental speakerglenn DuPont, dental speaker