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  • Case Acceptance
  • Communications
  • Customer Service
  • Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Practice Management
  • Team Building

Genevieve Poppe

Many dental practices struggle to implement the necessary change to achieve the results they are looking for.

Genevieve Poppe has a unique understanding of what it takes to help dentists achieve their practice vision. Her experience as an owner and manager of a seven-practice affiliate group refined Genevieve’s process and approach to practice growth and management.

Shift your practice-building efforts to those that work!

Do you find that you’re constantly chasing new patients?

What if it could be simpler than that? What if new patients are only a small factor in the practice growth equation?

Shift your practice-building efforts to those that work! Discover best practices in new patient acquisition and retention, case acceptance, and patient loyalty. In this highly actionable session, Genevieve Poppe shares philosophies and practices for solidifying your team and understanding their critical role in building a thriving practice.

From “What Now?” to “How Can I Wow?”

Each new patient inquiry represents the potential for practice growth, even the ‘price shoppers’. The lifetime value of a single missed opportunity can cost the practice thousands of dollars. Discover techniques to shift your mindset, embrace the inevitable questions, and gain confidence in converting new patient leads. Discover if your policies are creating roadblocks to new patient conversion. Explore the simple, proven steps that allow unscripted, authentic patient interactions.

Patience Experience
Creating Conditions for Case Acceptance

All things being equal, patients accept treatment from clinicians they know, like, and trust. All things being unequal? The same. In our industry, we tend to lead with clinical competence / expertise and overlook the significance of rapport and trust. Well-intentioned teams often create obstacles that hinder case acceptance. Discover where the disconnect is in your process and gain tactical considerations for success.

Raving Fans
Keep ‘em Coming Back for More

Building connection and commitment to the practice is a team effort that pays off in numerous ways: Reduced cancellations, strong retention, referrals, and glowing. Participants will learn systematic, predictable, and repeatable ways to improve performance on every measure of patient loyalty.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the lifetime value of a new patient
  • List and define the steps for converting calls and inquires to new patients
  • Describe practices that raise unnecessary barriers and obstacles to case acceptance
  • Define techniques for presenting care recommendations that increase case acceptance
  • Address existing patient cancellation policies and improve recare reminder systems
  • Learn to solicit referrals and strong reviews naturally and comfortably

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentist & Team, Practice Owner

Do you find that competing priorities, miscommunication and conflict are impacting your practice’s morale — and profitability?

Are you frustrated that your practice reality doesn’t match your vision?

Dentistry is plagued by an undermanagement epidemic. There is a common discomfort in holding team members accountable — not because of a lack of desire but due to lack of a system. Explore a tried and true management system that fosters team responsibility and accountability across the board, from goals to results, front desk to chairside.

Introduction to EOB

In this transformative, interactive course, participants will define and organize the team’s core accountabilities and gain strategies for incorporating a goal-oriented culture into the practice. By employing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Genevieve will teach participants to evaluate the six key components of their business: Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.

Leadership Abilities and Tools for Practice Accountability

A culture of achievement and accountability doesn’t build itself; leaders and teams need competencies and tools to succeed. This course covers the full spectrum. Participants will learn essential leadership abilities including documentation, development, and management practices to support ongoing success. The entire team will gain invaluable tools for holding each other accountable for success.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the nuts and bolts of a proven management operating system for your practice
  • Identify the importance of vision and goals
  • Pinpoint critical leadership competencies and skills
  • Gain tools that create accountability without conflict
  • Understand the importance of frequent communication
  • Articulate the responsibilities, accountabilities, and goals for each role in the practice

Suggested Format: Full, Partial or Multi-Day; Lecture; Workshop
Suggested Audience: Dentist & Team, Practice Owner

From dental assistant to practice owner, Genevieve brings a unique perspective and real-world experience in all aspects of dentistry. Prior to speaking and consulting, Genevieve co-founded an affiliate group where she architected and facilitated numerous practice acquisitions and transitions. From practice startup to transition, Genevieve has the skills and knowledge to implement systems for business and team success.


  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants
  • Allied Speakers & Consultant, American Academy of Dental Office Management
  • Dental Speakers Bureau
  • Dental Speaker Institute
  • Morado Allied Speakers & Consultants


  • American Academy of Dental Group Practice
  • Maimonides Study Club
  • The Pankey Institute Essentials (E3) Course
  • Central North Carolina Dawson Study Club
  • Insurance Anonymous Event
“Excellent and engaging presentation! Great delivery and exceptional practice management pointers. You gave our study club members solid principles and action items that we can take home and use. Thank you!” —Dr. Moshe Stern, Maimonides Study Club

“Genevieve is an inspiration. She is a master of communication and creating an atmosphere of accountability. If you want to grow your practice and lead with intention… she is the speaker and educator you need!” —Dr. Michael Fling, E3 Coordinator, The Pankey Institute

“Genevieve is energetic, fun, and real. Her depth of insight is incredible. My team and I greatly value her message. She is an amazing source of wisdom and grace.” —Dr. Jennifer Davis

“Genevieve is a wealth of information. She is so experienced in all facets of running a dental office. I learn something new every time I hear her. Highly recommended!” —Jennifer P., Office Manager

“Genevieve is an amazing motivator, striving for everyone to keep reaching for excellence in a helpful personalized approach. She is a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful in any facet, from communication, coaching, or team building.” —Kristen H., Office Manager

Why choose Genevieve?
  • As a speaker and consultant, clients and teams find Genevieve relatable and knowledgeable.
  • Her presentations are engaging, relevant, and meaty with immediately applicable content.
  • Genevieve’s ability to develop strong dental teams with excellent patient connection and communication skills keeps her in high demand.





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