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Gary Zelesky

Gary’s presentations are based on his book, “The Passion Centered Person”, which speaks to the heart of dental office.

“Your passion for life creates your position in life.”

Discover how knowing and embracing your Passion and the Passion of your team members will make your office more productive and profitable for everyone! Recent challenging economic times have tested (and will continue to test) the true resiliency and attitude of individuals. People who know their passion and live it are not defined by circumstances, but by courage.

Gary Zelesky is one of the most passionate and requested presenters on the speaking circuit today! His presentations share exciting tools and systems for discovering and optimizing passion in both work and life. Gary’s hallmark energy and humor motivates and challenges all that attend. He utilizes presentation techniques that ensure attendees will remain engaged, be educated and leave energized to become the change they seek.

Why does one practice attract and maintain more high-end patients and first class employees than others?

How can you take a staff… and create the ‘Dream Team’?

Could living a passion centered life affect your professional and personal life?

Learn how to maintain high levels of energy, commitment and team unity – even in the mundane of every day job duties – by bringing your passion for life to your position in life!

Discover how to create a passion centered – not problem driven – practice. Tap into the “Human Spark” that ignites every team member… not just for a day, but for a lifetime.

Learn the difference between busy and intentional. Learn the power behind every human action.

Learn how to be more intentional and focused in two specific areas:

  • Relational profit through creating high levels of team synergy.
  • Financial profit by performing less mistakes and creating higher levels of positive accountability.

Learn the keys to creating a pleasurable working environment by having an “Rrated team.

  • Retool: The art of critique without criticism.
  • Reward: The art of knowing the person, not simply their position.
  • Recognition: The art of gratitude over expectation.

This presentation is enriched “food for thought” with practical and motivational steps to make your organization passion centered, not problem driven. Bring the whole team to this once in a lifetime presentation!

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the skills needed to tap into the Human Spark within every team member.
  • Gain the tools needed to empower yourself and co-workers to be proactive and intentional with clients and each other.
  • Acquire a better understanding of the true attributes and attitudes of the Dental “A-TEAM”!

Suggested Format: Keynote
Suggested Audience: All Team Members

Coach Z takes his audience from the bleachers to the locker room and then onto the playing field! Leadership is about your ability to persuade people in such an exceptionally powerful, positive way that they prefer to: Follow your lead, cooperate with you, hear from you, acquire from you, mentor you, employ you, work with you, support you, and value you. F.I.E.L.D Power contains 5 attributes that every leader must have on and off the corporate playing field. Learn the difference between the Exit Mentality and the Entrance Mentality when the workplace faces opposition.

The lessons that remain in our lives are taught during times of great challenge and constant change. If it wasn’t for the power of innovation and his wife, Cherisse, Gary might still be stuck Naked in Paradise! This true event will have you laughing one minute and altering the way you think the next. Gary exposes 6 attitudes that every team must contain to build superior levels of empowerment, efficiency, enthusiasm and excellence in the workplace.

More referrals, more sales, more top rated team members and more money! How do some people maintain high levels of momentum in the day to day mundane work environment? How do they remain productive not simply busy? Gary lives the ENCORE Principal each and everyday of his life. He has to sell himself which is the foundation of any successful business. What are the 6 power keys that will change the way people see themselves, co-workers and today’s savvy consumer? Knowing how to sell yourself and connecting immediately to each customer individual’s buying style is more important than price, product, marketing or territory.

Gary and Cherisse share the greatest lessons in life from some of the most embarrassing ones. Big Laughs Bigger Lessons is the message you’ll love to listen to and laugh with, but are so glad you aren’t the one it happened to. It’s the moments we would love to forget. Can’t believe it happened to us, wish to God that no one would know….and here we are putting these experiences out to the world. You know– the moments we have all had…and at the time we thought we could never survive, but in reality has been our greatest teacher.

It’s not about what you what you did last year, last month or even 20 years ago. But here is the reality—it’s not about retirement or what you are going to do somewhere and sometime down the road. It’s about one thing: NOW. It’s time to stop living in the ‘what ifs’, what was, and what could be and start living in what you are doing at this very moment. Glory Days is pure high octane rocket fuel. If you feel like things have been in a ‘slump’ this is the message you want, no strike that–you need.

Gary Zelesky’s exciting, enthusiastic energy and explosive humor are definitely memorable, but it is his PASSION for life and the audience and his ability to connect with them in a way few do that make Gary such a highly requested speaker.

Since Gary began speaking in the 1970’s, his love for people and desire to see them take their life to the next level propelled him to speak to those in need of motivation and hope. One thing Gary understood all too well was the need for hope. As a child, Gary was abused by his alcoholic stepfather and abandoned by his mother. Regardless of the difficult surroundings that Gary found himself in, he also found, if you look—if you choose, there are also incredible human beings who do believe in you.

One of the most passionate and requested presenters on the speaking circuit today, Gary has been presenting to audiences around the world for over 25 years. From tears of laughter to tears of reflection, Gary has a way of grabbing his audience that few possess. Maybe it is his explosive energy, perhaps it is dramatic sense of humor, or maybe it is the passion in which he challenges you to think, but most likely it is all three combined that makes Gary stand out amongst other speakers.

Gary Zelesky is an executive coach and internationally recognized keynote presenter with more than 25 years of multi-faceted experience that has enabled him to challenge executives and staff to achieve more than they dreamed possible. He is a passionate, progressive and professional speaker that invests in the lives of others through one-on-one relationship-building to help people see their self-imposed barriers and restraints that are preventing them from achieving greater things. He enables leaders to understand their personal desires and leverage the energy created by pursuing their personal ambitions in a professional setting.

  • A-dec Dental Equipiment Company
  • American Academy of Dental Practices
  • Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics
  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants
  • Alabama Dental Study Club
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • American Academy of Dental Practices
  • American Academy of Orthodontists
  • California Dental Association
  • Care Credit
  • Charlene White Seminars
  • Chicago Dental Society
  • Chicago Midwinter Meeting
  • Dentistry Live; London, England
  • Esthetic Continuum
  • genR8TNext
  • Great River Study Club
  • Lord’s Dental Studio
  • Michigan Academy of Orthodontists
  • New Orleans Dental Association
  • Nobel Bio Care
  • Oregon Dental Executive Association
  • OrthoCad – GAC
  • Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists
  • Phoenix Esthetic Study Club
  • RDH-Under One Roof
  • Ross Nash Team Extravaganza
  • San Francisco Dental Study Club
  • Speaking Consulting Network Annual Meeting
  • Straumann Company
  • Texas Dental Association
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of the Pacific
  • Washington Dental Association
  • Wisconsin Dental Association
“You’re a Wow of a Wow! You are human treasure and a blessing to all who hear you and I hope everyone gets to.”

–Mark Victor Hansen; Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Everyone in the room learned a great deal of “real world” importance to them and that’s what the Society values from its speakers.”

–Newton Gordon, DDS; San Francisco Dental Society

“I just wanted to personally thank you for being a part of the best sales meeting in the history of our company.”

–A-dec Company

“Your enthusiasm and passion for life is contagious.”

–Charlene White; Progressive Concepts

“Your presentation set the standard for the caliber of commitment and skilled professionalism imperative to reaching this enthusiastic audience.”

–California Dental Association

“I believe that Mr. Zelesky would make an outstanding contribution to any program that is trying to improve the everyday operation of any professional office.”

–Chicago Dental Society

“Thank you for speaking at Dentistry LIVE 2012 in London. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to make their event stand out from the rest. Your lectures are inspirational, engaging and unique! You are always a success with delegates – with brilliant feedback on the day with regards to both the motivating content and your enthusiastic delivery. We are always asked to have you speak again at future FMC events, which we would absolutely love to do as you are a pleasure to work with and you liven up all of our seminars!”

–Ria Sandilands; FMC Events Coordinator

Why choose Gary?
  • One of the most passionate and requested presenters on the speaking circuit today, Gary has been presenting to audiences around the world for over 25 years.
  • While many speakers motivate–Gary connects with people that gives them the insight and desire to take their life to a deeper level. .
  • Gary has unusual insight with the ability to give perspective to thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  • Gary’s humor is explosive like a cannonball. It shoots out faster than you can blink.
  • Gary developed curriculum and taught at North Central College in Minneapolis, MN; created “Youth Invasion: Student Leadership”; He is also the author of “The Passion Centered Person”.





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