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Gary C. Sherman, DMD

The Heart of the Matter

Join Dr. Gary Sherman as he shares the “lessons learned” in his journey as both a dentist for 36 years and as a heart failure patient for 22 years, together with his broad knowledge about diseases of the heart. Find out how to ascertain the information and tools necessary to treat and effectively communicate with patients toward optimal outcomes and improving our reputations as dentists in your community.

Why choose Dr. Sherman?
  • Dr. Sherman presentations share both wisdom from his 30+ years as a dentist and also his life experiences as a heart disease patient awaiting a heart transplant.
  • He is past-president of Pursuits Professional Business Consultants, where he was a formally trained expert in dental and medical business valuation.
  • Dr. Sherman has lectured extensively on the business side of running a dental or medical.
  • He is currently serving as an LVAD Patient Ambassador for Abbott Biomedical and an Ambassador for the American Heart Association.
  • Dr. Sherman is an active associate member of the National Speakers Association.


Gary Sherman, dental speakerGary Sherman dental speakerGary Sherman dental speaker