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Erika Mason, DDS

Dental sleep medicine is about more than just teeth. It’s about our patient’s oral-systemic health.

Who would have thought that dental professionals can help patients be healthier as well as get a better night’s sleep with just a little piece of plastic? By offering high-quality therapy for sleep disordered breathing, we can play an important role in connecting the dots between oral health and full-body wellness.

Fatigue? Bruxism? Scalloped tongue? Your patient may have OSA, and likely does not know.

Screening and treating patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is about more than giving your patients a good night’s sleep. Undiagnosed / untreated OSA elevates a patient’s risk for a myriad of health conditions including chronic fatigue, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and death. In children, OSA increases the risk for misdiagnosed ADD/ADHD, stunted growth, bed wetting, learning difficulties, and teeth grinding. Many patients don’t realize they have sleep-disordered breathing. Dental professionals play a critical role in screening and treating OSA. Not only can dental sleep medicine change a patient’s smile, it could be instrumental in saving a patient’s life.

Dr. Erika Mason’s presentation brings clarity to the causes and life-altering consequences of sleep apnea. Gain the knowledge and skills to screen patients for sleep disordered breathing in your practice: From knowing the questions to ask, to analyzing the patient’s oral health and airway, medical/surgical history, and behavior. Learn how to read and understand sleep studies as well as the stages of sleep. Gain verbal skills for discussing Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) with patients and the technical skills for fitting patients for oral appliances, as well as common complications.

Learn effective marketing and dental/medical insurance billing practices. Leave the session with the knowledge and skills to screen and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea in your patients and achieve wellness.

Learning Objectives


  • Identify the anatomical findings that indicate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)
  • Discover the link between medications and medical conditions and sleep disordered breathing
  • Gain knowledge of the questions to ask in screening patients for OSA
  • Understand your obligation to screen patients for OSA


  • Identify the various methods for properly screening sleep disordered breathing
  • Analyze the various questionnaires:STOP BANG, Epworth Sleepiness Scale, Berlin Quest, Quality of Life
  • Learn what a sleep study looks like and what it tells you about the patient’s night sleep


  • Discover how to navigate between the dental and medical insurance worlds
  • Identify the codes and proper documentation to use in filing medical insurance (including “audit proof”)
  • Comprehend the differences between commercial insurance vs. Medicare insurance


  • Interpret American Academy of Sleep Medicine and American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine guidelines
  • Gain knowledge of the various types of oral appliances and how they work, as well as complications
  • Identify the various treatment options and how to successfully incorporate OAT into your practice

Suggested Format: Full or Partial Day; Lecture, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: Dentist, Hygienist, Full Dental Team

Why choose Dr. Mason?
  • Dr. Mason lectures across the nation on the topic of Dental Sleep Medicine. She teaches a review course for the AADSM (the preparatory course prior to taking and passing a written Board Examination as one part of many steps in obtaining “Diplomate” certification.)
  • One of a select few double “diplomate” dentists in the country in the field of dental sleep medicine, Erika Mason, DDS earned diplomate certifications with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM) and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines (ACSDD).
  • Dr. Mason has helped with the training initiative of active duty military dentists to learn DSM and train them to provide OAT to active duty soldiers. She is a pioneer in paving the way to help veterans be treated with OAT.


erika mason, dental speaker