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Dino Watt

Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert, helps private practice owners Make Love and Business Work.

He is a leadership and relationship expert for private practice owners and high performing entrepreneurs who want more out of their business and relationship success. As a practice mentor works with owners who want to design a lasting culture in their business that will give them more productivity from their team, more passion for what they do and more profit in every area of their life.


“Burned out”, “Frustrated”, “Overwhelmed” are all words that too many practice owners use when it comes to running their practice. Business owners run their practice in 1 of 3 ways: disdain, default or design. The most uncommon, but necessary for ultimate success, being through design. The Practice Rx is the secret for showing any practice owner how to powerfully design their practice and turn it into a thriving, fulfilling and wildly profitable business.

Based on his best-selling book of the same name, Dino will walk you through the 4 pillars that will strengthen any business, no matter if you are currently struggling to find the joy in your business or feel like you are thriving but want to go to the next level. This unique approach to your entire business will revolutionize the way you see yourself, your team and your practice.

You will leave with powerful principles, specific plans of action and a new mindset that will yield the high end results you deserve.


Too often high performers in business struggle with keeping their relationships strong and thriving. Many leader’s find that the time and effort they put into growing their business only tends to rob them from success their home life. Most professionals know it is a problem, it’s often even brought up in events or at study clubs, but now on is giving you specific tools on how to master this vital area of your business.

There are simple, yet powerful systems you can put into your life that can assure you can have the best of both worlds. When you strengthen your connection, communication and clarity on the things that are really important, both your business and your relationships will thrive.

“No success in your business can compensate for failure in your relationships.” – Dino Watt

When it comes to leadership, most owners get it wrong. Unfortunately, formal education never focused on how to lead a team of people with various communication needs and personal challenges that need to be navigated on a daily basis. The art of understanding non-verbal communication, conflict resolution and how to engage in crucial conversations is a skill that must be learned and exercised for true mastery.

How do you motivate your team? The truth? You can’t. More importantly, it’s not your job to even try. Your job is to find the right people, enroll them into your vision and lead. Motivation is a choice they have to make!

As a business owner, the skill of enrolling your team members into your vision, engaging them powerfully so they will want to be more productive and influencing them to be advocates for your practice is job if you really want to succeed. Becoming a true master of communication is not just a nice idea, it’s necessary if you want to avoid headaches both at work and at home.

As a body language and communication expert, Dino has created simple and effective tools that will help anyone become a true master of communication.


What is the difference between an Apple computer and a PC? How does Disneyland charge $125 a guest and still sell out every summer? More importantly, how do you do duplicate that same type of success in your business? It’s not their product. It’s not their marketing. It’s their company culture.

Business “Culture” is a nice buzz word, but what does it mean? How do you design it? How do you change it if it’s not what you want? Most businesses have a culture that is predicated and controlled by the strongest personality in the office. It’s not designed to create a group of raving fans who refer you, promote you and want more of what you have to offer. Make no mistake, you have a culture. It just might not be the one you are deliberately designing.

There is actually a specific formula that you can use to create the culture you want. It’s a 3-step process that the greatest business owners like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs, world leaders like John Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr and even evil dictators like Adolf Hitler used to change the world.

Dino will break down this formula that you can immediately implement in your business so that you can create a culture that will make your business stand out from the competition, attract clients without raising your marketing budget and turn your team members into advocates for your practice.

#1 International Best Selling Author, Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert, is a captivating, entertaining and award winning professional speaker who inspires and delivers high levels of training to your audience! However, if you are looking for just someone to “motivate” your audience, that is not what he does. Using personal stories, actionable ideas and accelerated learning techniques, Dino takes his message from motivation to actual transformation. Dino’s ability to authentically connect with the room and engage the audience to take action in their lives makes him one of the most memorable people to speak on any platform. Your guests will be ecstatic that you invited Dino Watt to train at your event!
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dino watt, dental speaker
Why choose Dino?
  • Dino’s ability to authentically connect with the room and engage the audience to take action in their lives makes him one of the most memorable people to speak on any platform. Your guests will be ecstatic that you invited Dino Watt to train at your event!





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dino watt, dental speaker