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  • Case Acceptance
  • Case Presentation
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Practice Management
  • Team Building
  • Treatment Presentation

Darren Kaberna

Here is the challenge most doctors face, how do you create lasting change in your practice?

It is one thing to take a random business course, but the real key to experiencing lasting results, is translating that business training to lasting behavior change back home in your practice.

Darren uses a combination of NLP and CBT (Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to create lasting change for his audiences.  These techniques are used widely by counselors and others to create permanent change in other personal areas.  Darren has brought these techniques to his audiences to learn how to create lasting change in their practices and personal lives.


Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. It’s time to re-evaluate the way you present.

When was the last time you re-evaluated the way you’re presenting treatment to your patients?

What would 20% more case acceptance mean in dollars to your practice? These 3 keys to success are for any business. When used together, productivity increases. Most businesses use one key to the 3 piece puzzle necessary for consistent growth.

The reality is that some patients do not want to participate in the treatment that they need, or the best option for them. This is where you have to be diligent in suggesting the best treatment, work with the patient so they accept it, and move forward.

Remember there are 323 million people in the United States. If you live in Florida with 293,000 people and you’re one of the 10,543 (as of 2015) practicing dentists and the reality is that you’re not going to get 100% acceptance. However, you could increase your acceptance by 20% by spending more time presenting with these three things in mind.

Learn these three keys to get instant results in the way you present your treatment. Understand your audience without insurance dictating your outcome. Break the story you tell yourself time and time again.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the importance of who is in your chair
  • Prepare for patients with solutions so they keep their teeth for a lifetime
  • Learn the effectiveness of the morning huddle, your effective business daily start
  • Specifically minimize doctors time in the exam room with proper prep from auxiliary staff
  • Tools for the informative 4 part hygiene hand-off, the key to interoffice communication
  • Comprehend the 5 C’s in Case Acceptance

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

Understanding who your patient is and what drives their behavior combined with a skill set of the 3 keys will you more consistent yes resulting in better treatment for your patient. Everyone wins!

With 195,722 practicing dentists in the U.S. you’d be surprised how many of them truly DON’T understand their patients and exactly why they make the decisions they make. What makes them go from “NO” to “YES” or “YES to “NO”.

People make decisions for 2 reasons, to escape pain or gain pleasure. Think about it. What are easiest cases to get accepted? The easiest cases to get accepted are the pain cases, the patients that call because they are in pain with a swollen face. The 2nd easiest cases are the cosmetic cases. They’ve come to your office looking for a cosmetic make over, thus pleasure.

Now, what is the hardest case to get accepted? It’s the $3,000 to $5,000 surprise they didn’t expect.

Big Case Presentation – Would you like to get yes’ consistently for larger cases? What would that make your practice look like? Could this done consistently change your life, fund your retirement, allow you to provide bonuses to your team?

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the psychology of dentistry, how the patient thinks
  • Discover the simple change of words to get the yes
  • Provide the best treatment possible and let them decide
  • Understand the expectations of team members role in acceptance

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

A lot of leaders don’t realize that one person can have a massive impact in any size organization. So much so that they can literally drag it one way or the other. Think of tug of war, the front office vs back office, patient vs office, doctor vs assistance on either side. When someone walks up to the middle of that tug of war and pulls the rope in another direction, chaos explodes.

Just like that one person can pull a whole organization down or can come in and be that fire cracker, changing the story you tell yourself combined with action can and will bring that company to the level of performance that was previously just a dream.

What’s your story?

– Insurance doesn’t cover that
– My team would never…
– Nothing seems to work
– It’s the economy
– It’s everyone else….

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the dynamics on an effective team
  • Comprehend the objectives of the hiring process
  • Empower your team
  • Learn the basics to breaking patterns and Nero Linguistic Programming with your team members
  • Define your Value Proposition and get team buy in
  • Understand the TRIAD of behavior change
    • Language
    • Focus
    • Physiology
  • Learn when to address the thorn in your practice

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

If variety is the spice of life then cross training is the turmeric (blended spice) in keeping your dental employees engaged and providing huge value to your dental practice. As a leader, it is important to understand each employee’s role within your practice. This provides clarity in expectations as well as appreciation for what each team member brings to the table. Cross training can provide huge value to the dental practice such as having coverage available when an employee calls in sick or is on vacation.

It also serves as a great tool to for self-empowerment, creating individual value. When employees feel valued, team empowerment escalates. This powerful tool provides the owners with more confidence in running a small business seamlessly, even on those days of illness.

Imagine your hygienist closing your day or your assistant covering the phones with confidence! Learn how to break the cycles of “that’s not my job.”

Learning Objectives

  • Set clear expectations followed by accountability
  • Teach the easy basics of how to cross train
  • Empower your team
  • Provide value for your employees they can use anywhere
  • Discover the leaders in your team
  • Increase Team Buy-In
  • Know enough to be dangerous

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

How do people make decisions? How can we understand what the patient is really saying with their yes or no to when it comes to spending money on dental treatment or on new shiny things. What can we say as a dentist or hygienist to have the patient say YES to treatment? What words are we using? Do we use technical dental terms with drawn out explanations or are we presenting emotional outcomes like beauty, youth and/or change in appearance?

When it comes to spending money in dentistry, your competition is not the dentist down the street. Your competition is Apple, Coach or Porsche. People may choose not to spend in your office because they want to save the money so they can go on that cruise with their new iPhone X carrying their Coach purse. It all goes back to discretionary spending. They want to save money to spend it on something else. It is a part of all of us!

Do you present treatment with judgment in mind? The judgement of insurance non coverage? The judgement of affordability? The judgement of capability?

Learning Objectives

  • Getting out of your stinking thinking
  • Empowerment, presenting larger cases with complete confidence
  • Challenge the team to their stories they tell themselves
  • Recognize and believe your “REAL” Competition
  • Power of Role Play, the most resistant yet most accomplishing
  • Analyze the power of distraction

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

Learn how to get out of your routine by understanding human behavior and what drives all humans in their decision making. This age-old technique doesn’t reinvent the wheel, NLP helps us to understand the how and why of human behavior. Translate that to the dental practice. Learn to understand what drives a patient. Is it the future loss of teeth? Is it the ability to chew… or not? It is the compromise they may choose not knowing the truth of what is before them? Learn how to relate to the layman patient by sharing dentistry’s very best. Watch how they will choose better dentistry when given a choice.

Distraction is a powerful thing when it comes to the performance of your practice. A human has the attention span of about 6 seconds. A goldfish has the attention span of about 8 seconds. Are we so fast paced in life that we can’t engage in anything because we are continually distracted?

Some of our distractions are real. Financial, marital, personal… all of these things take us away from the present moment. Part of the problem is, some of the previous mentioned distractions were caused because of being distracted! In your day to day, do you give 100% or perhaps a rock solid 80%? If you give 80% in an 8 hour day, what do you do with the other 20%? Those 1.6 hours a day translates to 6.4 hours a week, 25.6 hours a month and 307.2 hours a year of distractions at work. What is that costing you?

Learn how to use NLP to break these patterns and improve your practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Using imagery and emotion for treatment acceptance
  • The power of NLP and case acceptance
  • NLP Specific to big cases
  • Breaking old patterns with instant success
  • Implementing NLP in all aspects of your life

Suggested Format: Lecture – 60 min / CE Credit: 1
Suggested Audience: All Dental

Darren Kaberna, President and CEO of Accelerate My Practice

Darren was raised on a farm in northern Wisconsin. He started his first business when he was 14 years old While in high school he took his earnings and invested them in the stock market and was able to complete college in 4 years without any debt. He joined the National Ski Patrol at age 17 and then attended the University of Wisconsin where he received his undergraduate degree in Biology and Chemistry.

During college he was determined to have a great job prior to graduating and accomplished this goal in March of his senior year by getting hired by Patterson Dental. He was sent to Dayton, Ohio to start learning the business of dentistry. While working full time, Darren enrolled in graduate school to get his MBA. During his MBA work, he did consulting for companies as large as GE as well as non-profits such as We Care Arts. He completed his MBA in Finance and Marketing in 2 years with his Masters Thesis in Retirement Planning. After living in Ohio for 7 years, he and his wife, Christine, moved to Woodland Park, CO where he had to start his business over again with Patterson Dental. In a relatively short period of time, he was able to build it up so that he was the top sales representative within Colorado. Wanting to make a bigger impact on the lives of others and having been in dentistry since 1997, Darren combined those years of experience along with his MBA and started his own business coaching on best business practices. Now he and his team are impacting the lives of both doctors and their staff all over the country, improving dental practices by helping people achieve their dreams.Now he and his team are impacting the lives of both doctors and their staff all over the country, improving dental practices by helping people achieve their dreams.

Darren has taken practices from filing bankruptcy to being able to pay off debt and send their kids to college. With his experience in NLP and Dental business and economics, the only way to go is up.

Darren’s vision is to accomplish 4 things:

  • Reduce the stress of the Doctor by increasing profitability.
  • Help Doctors get to retirement on their terms.
  • Help others within the dental industry achieve their dreams.
  • Change how the dental industry see’s itself.
  • Dental Keynote Lectures
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    – Seattle, WA (multiple)
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  • Keynotes
    – National Sales Meeting, Orlando, FL
    – DWC Event, South Padre Island, TX
    – Greater New York Meeting, Orlando Florida
  • Sales Lectures
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“Darren Kaberna joined us for our annual conference event in 2016 with roughly 700 attendees. Darren and his dynamic team brought an amazing amount of energy into his lecture courses each day. His courses were ‘sold out’ and his reviews were 5-star! After reading his reviews, we realized that Kaberna and his team brought an air of positive energy and excitement that has been missing in the past years at our conferences. It was an unexpected, great surprise experiencing the technology, the ‘pumped-up’ crowd and the useful, relevant lecture content during Darren’s keynote. He exceeded our expectations by far.”

Why choose Darren?
  • Darren has been in dentistry since 1997 and draws from those years of  experience as well as his MBA to help dentists improve their businesses and lives.
  • Darren’s experience in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), dental business and economics helps guide dental teams to meet goals and grow practices.
  • Darren has lectured over 96 times to dental audiences since 2011.
  • Since 2009 on YouTube, Darren has 56,218 views on his channel and 334 subscribers. On Vimeo, he has 6400 views to his content, with average view time of 11 min and most of videos are only 15 min long in totality.





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Darren Kaberna, dental speakerDarren Kaberna, dental speaker