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  • Accounting
  • Case Acceptance
  • Insurance/ Collections
  • Practice Management
  • Recare Solutions

Dana Moss

Does your practice struggle with too much open time on the schedule? Patients walking out the door without scheduling future treatment? Accounts receivable that are not in the bank?

Dana Moss trains dental teams how to implement and measure progress within four core business systems as well as the technology and skills needed to remain on the cutting edge of current dentistry trends. Her presentations share proven solutions that can be implemented immediately to increase patient retention and case acceptance, lower accounts receivable and expedite insurance claims payment, ultimately leading to practice growth and profitability.

Why choose Dana?
  • Dana Moss is a money finder, practice builder, and team motivator.
  • Dana’s clients report increased patient retention and case acceptance, lowered accounts receivable and speedy insurance claims payment.
  • Her years of experience in leading PPO practices bring firsthand knowledge of what it takes to be profitable without sacrificing patient care.
  • Dana’s presentations share the technology that is needed, language skills to promote, and systems to ensure a successful business.


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