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Cris Duval, RDH

Who are you going to BE to your patients? A LifeGuard offers a lifeline to patients through education that empowers and shifts behaviors. Committed to seeing patients return healthy and with no calculus or bleeding. Though most hygienists want to help their patients achieve total-body wellness, many find themselves without enough time in the visit. In this practical, empowering, and actionable course, Cris Duval, RDH, reveals a groundbreaking model for professional transformation. Learn a failsafe set of practices that can uplift your daily interactions with patients. Instead of repairing damage since the last visit, work with patients preparing them for a healthier tomorrow.

Be a LifeGuard for your patients and create predictably higher levels of health through:

  • THINKING: Think it’s the boss, the insurance companies, or the patient’s dental IQ that is keeping you from doing more? Nope. The change begins with you by changing limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.
  • MESSAGE: The same script won’t work with everyone. Learn to guide patients to their own solutions—to motivate them with what they want, not what you think they should have.
  • CLINICAL HABITS: Patients are more than teeth and gums. Discover how to find the time to screen for high blood pressure, oral cancer, sleep disorders, diabetes, periodontal disease, and biofilm infection—all of which play critical roles in oral health as well as overall systemic health.

Discover how these three critical shifts improve patient-health. Learn the place for state-of-the-art periodontal evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment technologies in patient-health coaching. This inspiring presentation will set into motion a new direction and destination for your patients, your life, and your practice.

Leap from the Calculus Rut to the Wellness Track: Moving from Repair to Prepare

Mix and Match Components to Create Your Customized Presentation include: Oral Cancer, The Immune System, Practice Building, or Overcoming Patient Objections and Obstacles to Treatment.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine a model for restructuring the dentist/hygienist relationship
  • Discover the benefits of, and techniques for, shifting one’s mindset to prepare patients for health
  • Learn methods to identify patients’ wants and motivators
  • Leverage protocols to shift patients from the danger zone to the safety zone
  • Develop a “sticky” health message that is practical and personal
  • Gain verbal skills for explaining clinical protocol and benefits to patients
  • Understand how to handle common treatment obstacles
  • Master the 20-20-20 hygiene appointment model
  • Compare the technologies that help enroll patients, resulting in better oral and systemic health
  • Learn to write protocols to create a consistent approach to all clinical/business systems

Suggested Format: Suggested Format: Full or Half Day; Lecture, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Attendees: Hygienists, Dentist, Hygiene Coordinators, Full Team

Why choose Cris?
  • Looking for a way to make a difference? Cris donates all proceeds from her presentations to benefit Oral Cancer Foundation, Oral Cancer Cause, and Center for Whale Research.
  • Patient-health advocate and wellness coach, Cris Duval is a recognized expert on HPV oral cancer screening and RDH career development.
  • Cris has spent more than four decades chairside and is a sought-after speaker on topics such as patient communication and ozone therapy.
  • Cris’ contributions to patient-centered dental hygiene have been recognized by several foundations.


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