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Bill Simon, DMD

New dentists need to be not only skilled and competent clinicians but capable and efficient business owners. It is important for them to be familiarized as early as possible with the tools needed to run a dental practice.

Designed for the new dentist — in the first five years of practice — this course offers an entertaining and informative look at the ever changing world of private practice dentistry. Drawing from Dr. Simon’s 30 plus years’ experience in practice ownership which has included multiple fee-for-service and Medicaid practices, moves, build outs, space-sharing, practice acquisition, associates and a recovery from a major office fire.

Learn what to consider when buying or starting a new practice, what to look for in an associateship, practice ownership and management principles, office design and build out concepts, marketing tips, technology to consider, choosing a dental laboratory, referring to specialists, financial planning concerns, and risk management.

This course also highlights some of the unexpected things, both clinical and administrative, that a new dentist may encounter along the way. Attendees will appreciate the pearls of wisdom shared and common mistakes avoided when they apply Dr. Simon’s lessons and position themselves for a successful career in dentistry!

Course Objectives

  • Gain a historical perspective on dentistry to determine where dentistry is going
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of both associateship and ownership
  • Discuss the aspects of office design and review considerations and tips for creating optimum outcomes
  • Illuminate the benefits of financial planning and discuss estate, retirement and insurance planning concerns
  • Learn the skills involved in practice management to better respond to challenges while advancing the team and demonstrating strong leadership
  • Identify the role of the office manager in practice success
  • Visualize internal and external marketing strategies and activities
  • Evaluate new technology options and their impact on patient perceptions
  • Assess lab choices to determine best fit
  • Discover the importance of building strong referral relationships
  • Guidance on partnering with specialists
  • Comprehend risk management to understand various issues and compliance guidelines

Suggested Format: Full or Half Day, Lecture, Workshop, Keynote
Suggested Audience: New Dentists, Dental Students, Practice Managers

What Dental Students Want to Know
Customized for the third and fourth year student. This presentation helps students understand their options as they embark on their career in dentistry and offers answers to questions that dental students frequently ask.

Mired in debt, fear, and uncertainty,
 new dentists are graduating with little idea of how to get a good job or run a dental practice.

Described by some as “dramatic”, Dr. Bill Simon’s 30 year dental career has included its share of challenging situations. Starting as an associate in a run-down Medicaid practice, Dr. Simon grew to become the sole owner of 2 practices grossing over $2 million per year. His experience includes 6 build outs, 9 locations, 3 space-sharing arrangements, 1 practice acquisition and over 25 associates. He experienced a lost lease, an embezzlement scheme, robbery at gun point, and a major fire after which the team worked out of 3 offices before settling into an abandoned dental office while he rebuilt. The fourth month after the fire, Dr. Simon’s practice had the best production month in practice history.

These experiences, coupled with Dr. Simon’s passion to help young dentists succeed, have inspired him to speak to and mentor new dentists. Sharing experiences and imparting lessons in leadership, communication and practice management principles, Dr. Simon encourages both new dentists and dental students with the knowledge and hope they need to allay their fears and facilitate their success.

Dr. Simon has been a practicing dentist and practice owner in Chicago for over 25 years. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society, the Chicago Dental Society and the Academy of General Dentistry. He currently serves on the Illinois State Dental Society’s Committee of Access to Care and Committee for Medicaid Reform.

Dr. Simon volunteers his time to charitable causes including the Illinois Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, Dental Lifeline Network and the Old Irving Park Free Health Clinic. He also volunteers his time to mentor dental and undergraduate students through various intern and externship program opportunities in his practice.

  • Chicago Midwinter Meeting; Chicago, IL
  • Rocky Mountain Dental Convention; Denver, CO
  • South Dakota Dental Association; Rapid City, SD
  • Columbia University, College of Dental Medicine; New York City, NY
“Bill Simon has a wealth of practical and useful information to share with young dentists from his highest highs and his lowest lows…. He has lived the All American dream most dentists hope for….yet he has had several hiccups along the way that could have turned his American dream into his worst nightmare! But it didn’t. New dentists will be impressed, enlightened and in awe of Bill Simon’s secret of staying on track through each event that can (and most likely) will happen in a seasoned dentist’s career.”

—Linda Miles, Founder Linda Miles & Associates
Founder, Speaking Consulting Network
Co Founder, Oral Cancer Cause

“I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Simon present to a group of dentistry’s best speakers at the 2015 Speaking Consulting Network (SCN) Annual Meeting. Dr. Simon’s presentation was both engaging and motivating. He shared the many challenges his practice has survived, and how those challenges allowed him to become one of the best business owners, team leaders, and dentists in the country. Dr. Simon speaks from the heart, is humble, and shares advice that every dentist and business owner can either relate to or find hope in.”

—Rita Zamora, Social Media Marketing & Training

“Dr. Bill Simon’s showcase presentation was inspiring! His willingness and openness to share his obstacles and failures as well as the steps he took to reach his success is both powerful and relevant information that will help new dentists fast track to their success! He shares real life lessons that inspire, empower and give hope to new dentists to overcome the obstacles they encounter in owning a practice.“

—Judy Kay Mausolf; Speaker, Coach, Author

Why choose Bill?
  • Dr. Simon grew to become the sole owner of two highly successful multi-doctor practices.
  • Dr. Simon’s practice experience includes 6 build outs, 9 locations, 3 space-sharing arrangements, 1 practice acquisition and over 25 associates.
  • He also experienced a lost lease, an embezzlement scheme, robbery at gun point, and a major fire. Four months after the fire, his practice experienced their best production month to date.
  • Dr. Simon mentors both new dentists and undergraduates through various intern and externship program opportunities in his practice.
  • Dr. Simon has been a practicing dentist and practice owner in Chicago for 30 years.





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