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Dr. Angela Mulrooney

Owning a dental practice can feel like a “dream” … where you’re running at top speed on a treadmill that just won’t stop.

Dentistry had been Dr. Angela Mulrooney’s dream since the age of two. This curly-haired toddler would charm everyone in her path into letting her play with their teeth. You can imagine the day she graduated dental school was a dream come true.

Angela is a global speaker, best-selling author, social media expert, and dental business coach. She works with dentists in North America to help them unleash their potential. Whether it’s developing their brand or simplifying the entrepreneurial journey, Angela takes her clients from chaos to organization so they can function at peak performance all year round. Let Angela’s love of dentistry, business, dance and life inspire you to bring your best game to your career and patient care.

Why choose Dr. Mulrooney?
  • Dr. Angela Mulrooney shares critical lessons learned through her personal journey. Attendees learn how to transform rock bottom into something stunning, leveraging their strength and balance to dance their way back to the top.

  • Dr. Mulrooney outlines a system tailored to build the verbal and nonverbal communication skills that are critical to selling modern, advanced dentistry.

  • Covering everything attendees will need to create a tailored, high-level social media strategy, Dr. Mulrooney shines a spotlight on techniques that have helped her clients increase their following by thousands.

  • Dr. Angela Mulrooney’s love of dentistry, business and life will inspire attendees to bring their best game to career and patient care.


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