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Angela Gaffney

Angela is the trusted resource for simple, effective strategies to achieve health, increase productivity and live stress-free while fulfilling your personal and professional goals. She is the catalyst for healthy transformation! After surviving a personal health crisis that nearly took her life, Angela devoted intense time, education and energy into regaining her own health and becoming a Certified Health Coach.

She’s shared these same proven strategies to help hundreds of others lose weight, boost energy, eliminate stress and regain a zest for life. It is possible to achieve health while fulfilling your professional and personal goals; Angela will show you how to make it happen!

Regardless of where people are in their own health journey, Angela’s message inspires them to take immediate action and make positive changes in their lives. Her dynamic, compassionate, relatable style draws on her own life’s journey and will motivate and encourage others to chart their own course to wellness through whole food nutrition, life fulfillment, stress management and advocating for their own well-being.

We all know what to do to achieve health. And yet, the majority of us are overweight, fatigued every day and feeling so stressed we can’t sleep at night.

Even when you give it your all, you find yourself veering right back into the same old patterns, struggling to choose the apple over the doughnut and wishing for something more. . . more energy, more productivity, more happiness, more health.

It just doesn’t have to be this difficult.

In Angela’s signature keynote, she will shift your perspective and have you thinking differently about your health. Her simple strategies will provide you the freedom to achieve life-long health with ease. No will power, guilt or restriction necessary.

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the secret to long-term health (it has nothing to do with guilt, restriction, or deprivation!)
  • Believe in yourself, and have the focus to achieve your health goals no matter your situation
  • Learn how to create ease in life with the Feel Good, Look Good method

Suggested Format: Keynote Speaker, Breakout, Retreats
Suggested Audience: All Team Members

Angela is the trusted resource for simple, effective strategies to achieve health, increase productivity and live stress-free while fulfilling your personal and professional goals.

Are you living on latte’s to get through the day? Running around like the Energizer Bunny even though there’s nothing left in the tank? Success often means great sacrifice. It all seems worth it though, and if you keep up this pace you’ll be set for retirement!

But not without great cost. . .

You see, while the bank account might support your retirement, your body will have other plans. It’s been running at a deficit far too long to recover. And frankly, who cares about retirement if you’re not able to enjoy it!

The best news is it doesn’t have to be this way.
In Angela’s power-packed session you’ll discover the simple, proven formula that allows you to excel in health, happiness, and your career. You can have it all now and in the retirement years!

When she shares this easy formula with you, you’ll:

  • Feel better fast: typical results include weight loss, mental clarity, increased energy, decreased stress and overall feelings of joy and happiness
  • Increase productivity with one simple, effective strategy
  • Learn how to achieve your healthiest body, even with a crazy schedule!

You CAN have it all without sacrifice; let’s start the transformation!

Suggested Format: Keynote Speaker, Breakout, Retreats
Suggested Audience: All Team Members

There’s not one stress-free job on the planet unless it entails sitting on the beach with your favorite book in hand! Instead, your inbox is overflowing. You just learned your database has been compromised. And that earlier flight you wanted to catch . . . it departed without you.

Even when you plan a stress-free day, another out of control disaster that only you can fix sparks up! Constant fire-fighting of epic emergencies puts your health at risk.

It’s time to take back control of your day and your health. With Angela’s simple stress-free plan you will drop the fire extinguisher, find your calm, and still manage it all!

In this session, you will discover:

  • Three super simple strategies to create healthier boundaries fast
  • How to keep unplanned urgencies from turning into your emergencies
  • Three practical and tactical actions to let go, say no, and stand in your power

Warning: Side effects associated with this simple stress-free formula commonly include: weight loss, increased energy, overall increased feelings of joy and happiness, strength and clarity.

Suggested Format: Keynote Speaker, Breakout, Retreats
Suggested Audience: All Team Members

Angela Gaffney, CHC, is the founder and President of Essential Health & Wellness, a firm focused on caring for the health of executives and their teams as they excel in their career.

Clients refer to Angela as the catalyst for healthy transformation; her keynotes and workshops challenge attendees to think differently about their health. There’s no crash diet, no need for intense willpower, or a restrictive lifestyle. Angela knows what it takes to excel in health and a career; after surviving a health crisis that nearly took her life she became a Certified Health Coach and has helped hundreds of others achieve their goals. Angela’s simple strategies solve common health challenges, empower others to take charge of their health and ignite life-long transformation.

Angela relates well to the busy professional, traveling often and balancing the demands of work with quality family time. She is a professional speaker, three-time author, and writes for many publications on health and worksite wellness including the Huffington Post, USA Today and Yoga+ Life. She and her team have supported clients for the past 7 years through inspirational keynotes, educational worksite wellness programs, and private coaching. Various groups including United Airlines,, and The International Prostate Cancer Update conference have been inspired in health and happiness through Angela’s work.

When she isn’t speaking and writing about health, you’ll find Angela enjoying the great outdoors with her family, traveling to new places, and being a creative cook in the kitchen. To access complimentary health tools and learn more, please visit

“Angela’s presentation was thought-provoking! I dramatically increased my overall knowledge base of a healthy, balanced nutrition plan. I learned of the debilitating impact of sugar in your diet (and how to better recognize it and avoid it in your diet). Angela has an effective, engaging presence – our time together passed in an instant. I felt better educated and better prepared to develop a healthy nutrition (and life) plan. Great use of time and highly recommended if you care about your health (and family)!”
Michael Bell, President, COO Apollo Global Management

“Ms. Gaffney’s unique presentation style and ability to comfortably interact with her audience allows her messages to be clearly delivered and translated into real, tangible outcomes for participants. She employs a technique that offers a refreshing balance between lecture and audience participation, allowing engagement and experiential discovery of the concepts she presents.”
Brian W. Hatchitt CMP President, MPI-NM

Why choose Angela?
  • Top-rated national keynote speaker: Angela has supported thousands of CEOs and executive teams across multiple industries
  • Awareness, Choice and Standards: Organizations work with Angela to build awareness around key issues, make high-quality choices and create new standards for healthy living
  • Simple, effective and actionable strategies: Angela professionals to manage their health as they excel in business.





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