“The Buzz” Interview Video Recording

To schedule your “The Buzz” interview video recording session, use this LINK.

Two examples of “The Buzz” videos are to the right.  Additional examples can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

1. Please dress up (suit jacket or dressy shirt) like you would when you present. Please pay attention to your background. Please declutter/straighten as necessary to provide a tidy image behind you.

2. You’ll need to be well lit. Natural light may be OK. Direct lighting – especially overhead—can be harsh and cause shadowing. BEST OPTION:  A dimmable ring light.

3. We’ll need to be able to hear you well. We’ll try a recording with computer audio. If we can’t hear you, we’ll go to Bluetooth headset (please be prepared with your headset in case we need it).

4. Please think ahead and plan to speak about 2-3 of your courses. If you have more than one course, we’ll also create a summary video which talks about your courses overall.

Be prepared to share (for each course):

• Problem/pain/challenge that keeps the typical attendee up at night.
• How do you solve this problem in your course?
• Why you or why your courses (differentiation)?
• What is the suggested format / length / attendees?
Do you have any parting thoughts on this subject?
OR, what is important for the meeting planner to know about this program?

Submit Articles for the Blog

Write your blog post with the meeting attendee (your target audience) in mind, just as you would in articles to other publications.  (You are NOT writing to the meeting planner.)

We can republish your previously published articles and link back to the publication of origin.  You must clear this with the editor of that publication and provide the URL for the original article.

Articles will be published on a first come, first served basis.

Blog Post Guidelines:

  • length should be no more than 750 words
  • submit as a WORD or TEXT document
  • submit any accompanying graphics in .jpg form (you  must own the graphics)
  • send a brief bio – 100 words or less – we will link the article to your d.d.s. listing page
  • email your article(s) to info@dentalspeakersbureau.com

Help your Bureau membership work for you!
Be seen as an influencer and key opinion leader in your topic area of focus.


CSP Proposal Tips

Make your proposal memorable!

Streamline the process by creating an “introduction letter” template that you can tweak each time you use it. Copy your introduction letter wording into the body of your email. Be sure to address each of the items that are requested in the CSP email you received.

Consider adding the following to your introduction letter, as well:

  • Differentiation: What is different about your presentations or you as a presenter?
  • Meeting planners hire speakers in anticipation of results. What will change as a result of your presentation?
  • Be excited about the opportunity and their interest in your programs.
  • Recommend the topic(s) you feel would be the best fit and why.
  • Mention upcoming meetings at which you have been hired to present on the same topic (if those meetings are easily recognizable).

Include a brief, relevant bio which helps to solidify you as an expert on the subject.

Attach your speaker packet to the email.

Keep it conversational. Have some energy, have some fun with it. Meeting professionals receive dozens of proposals. Let your proposal be the one that brings a smile to their faces and is interesting to read.

Presentation is everything. Give time and thought to how your proposal looks. The most effective proposals will utilize professionally prepared speaker marketing materials. ATTACH supporting documents to your email. A little attention to detail will go a long way for you when preparing your speaker proposals.

Important to Note. . .

  • Don’t make the planner do the work. Don’t provide links back to your website for every item that is requested. It’s not likely that they will track down your information. Make it easy for them to see why you are the best choice for their meeting.
  • Many CSP’s request presentations that qualify for CE. This does NOT mean that you must be an approved CE provider. The meeting planner is ultimately responsible for deciding if your presentation will qualify for CE and will typically offer the CE credits. YOU can help them know whether your course qualifies by providing a clear, meaty course description and measurable bullet-pointed objectives. Also, let them know if your presentation(s) has been approved for CE before.
  • A demo video is usually not essential. Demo videos ARE an important element in the decision-making process every time. If you don’t have a short demo video available on your website, I encourage you to create one.
  • It is very helpful to have a relationship with companies that are interested in sponsoring your presentations. Learn more about sponsorships at: https://www.thedentalspeaker.com/securing-sponsorship/
  • The meeting planner will contact you directly to learn more about your programs / discuss contracting details if they feel that your presentation could be a good fit for their meeting.
  • Many planners who have previously asked for proposals will go back through those proposals to find speakers for future meetings. This is all the more reason for you to participate in the CSP process!

Contact info@DentalSpeakersBureau.com with questions!

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