Big Visions

By Katherine Eitel Belt


Recently, the newly reformed and rebranded LionSpeak had its first official Vision Calibration Retreat at my Ranch in Southern California. We were mostly new to each other and so the first order of business was to get the group acquainted before we jumped into my presentation of the new company vision and began our strategy session for what it would take to see it all come to fruition.

I asked everyone to tell about their background and what brought them to be sitting at this roundtable today, what they felt their talents were and contributions could / would be, an interesting fact about themselves, what drew them to LionSpeak and what they loved most about the work we do. Their responses were intelligent and warm, witty and moving. I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet with this team sitting around my table.

I then presented the new LionSpeak brand along with my 5-year vision, updated company values, and specific goals for the next year. I then asked each member of the team, after considering what they had just heard, if they felt they were ready to fully align with this vision or whether they might need some time to consider its implication to their own life vision. Lucky for me, it was a unanimous and resounding “Yes!” I then asked for each to share, given this alignment, what their big dreams are within the LionSpeak vision and, since several have other ventures they are committed to, what their big dreams are outside of LionSpeak.

The very first person to answer was Stacy Svellis, our new dental communications coach. Stacy is a beautiful woman, always immaculately dressed with a beaming smile and infectious energy and bright blue eyes that twinkle with intelligence and maybe a hint of mischief. She practically leapt to speak first, but instead of her usual effervescent style, she leveled her gaze on me, lowered her voice a little and said, “My big dream? That would be to become so good that it makes total sense for me to be the next owner of LionSpeak… I mean, when you’re all done, of course, Katherine.” 

There was a moment of silence as that big dream landed on the table and in my brain … and as it made its way down toward my heart, a great big smile broke out across my face, and I realized that this is why we do this. This is why we gather our team every year and recalibrate our visions, both professionally and personally. The realignment of those two visions is what makes smart professionals step up and step into building amazing companies with self-motivated, super-charged people who are on fire and on purpose. With this big personal dream and life vision clearly and strongly connected to the big vision of LionSpeak as the vehicle in which to make it happen, Stacy will most certainly be self-motivated, creative, and passionate about our work together… exactly what every business person hopes for in their team members.

When you help your people connect your business vision as a direct connection to how they can achieve their life vision, you’ve got yourself a purposeful employee. Don’t hold them back. In fact, set them free (and maybe even offer a little push) to dream as big as they can and to use their employment with you and service to your clients as a way to achieve their personal goals. A team made up of intentional people like this can creatively solve almost any problem and face any challenge.

If you have not yet experienced a well-organized, well-facilitated Vision Calibration Retreat for your team… there is no time like the present to get one on your schedule and watch the magic start to roll.




Using creative, non-traditional methods, Katherine Eitel Belt helps professionals break through barriers and achieve phenomenal results. Her presentations help professionals communicate with more authenticity and effectiveness.


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