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  • Case Acceptance
  • Clinical
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Marketing
  • Practice Management
  • Virtual Presentations

Chris Phelps, DMD, CMCT

  • Get more quality new patients in the door
  • Acquire more referrals
  • Motivate patients to pay their bills today
  • Decrease costly no-shows
  • Get patients to say yes to treatment recommendations

Entrepreneur, author and practicing general dentist, Christopher Phelps, DMD, CMCT works with professionals across the country in identifying their marketing hurdles and showing them how to succeed and grow in an otherwise tough, competitive economy.

The only dentist in the world to be named a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT), Chris teaches participants to use Cialdini’s Principles of Influence to ethically steer patients to more referrals, decreased no shows and higher case acceptance.

Learn unique, inexpensive methods for doubling your new patient numbers by reaching potential patients on a larger scale. Stop losing opportunities and start converting more new patient phone calls. Explore how to tap into an overlooked segment of the population who are eager for your services, want to have healthy mouths and are willing to pay for it. Discover ethical influence and persuasion techniques which decrease no shows and increase case acceptance for any procedure in dentistry.

Why choose Dr. Phelps?
  • In his first seven years of practice, Chris grew his practice revenue by a factor of 10X: growing from one practice location to four.
  • After selling two of those offices for profit, Chris enjoyed two consecutive years of $1M revenue growth in each of the two remaining practices.
  • Creator of the Call Tracker ROI program
  • A featured author and contributor for mutiple industry publications, Chris also published a CE article in Contemporary Esthetics Magazine.
  • He is the author of Grow Your Practice with Wine & Cheese.
  • A Kolbe Certified Trainer
  • Dr. Phelps is proud to be the only dentist who is a Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT).


Two straight years of 43% growth generated over $1,455,000 in revenue in Dr. Phelps’ practice. Learn where to find your ideal new patients and how to help them overcome the hurdles that keep them from appointing. Dr. Phelps’ shares his unique solution and how to apply it to your practice.

  • How to break free from the 3 major tensions facing private practice
  • How to increase new ideal patient flow
  • How to market to the virtually untouched Fee for Service market
  • How to find the freedom and financial stability you never thought possible

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David Black dental speaking
David Black dental speaking