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“The Buzz” Interview Video Recording

To schedule your “The Buzz” interview video recording session, use this LINK and plan for UP TO 2 HOURS.

Examples of “The Buzz” interviews can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

1. Please dress up (suit jacket or dressy shirt) like you would when you present. Please pay attention to your background. Please declutter/straighten as necessary to provide a tidy image behind you.
2. You’ll need to be well lit. Natural light is best. (Direct lighting – especially overhead—can be harsh and cause shadowing.)
3. We’ll need to be able to hear you well. We’ll try a recording with computer audio. If we can’t hear you, we’ll go to Bluetooth headset (please be prepared with your headset in case we need it).
4. Please think ahead and plan to speak about 2-3 of your courses. If you have more than one course, we’ll also create a summary video which talks about your courses overall.

Be prepared to share (for each course):

• Problem/pain/challenge that keeps the typical attendee up at night.
• How do you solve this problem in your course?
• Why you or why your courses (differentiation)?
• What is the suggested format / length / attendees?
Do you have any parting thoughts on this subject?
OR, what is important for the meeting planner to know about this program?

Please email with any questions.  Thank you!

Video Clip Guidelines

Example Video

View Vanessa’s listing to see how the videos are used.

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